Yamaha International Motorshow 2015 Revs Your Hear...

Yamaha International Motorshow 2015 Revs Your Heart With Their Blue Core Engine

Yamaha Motors Philippines went back to where it all began.

They started out in Cebu City!

Isn’t that great?

So they went home and gave the Cebuanos a blast!

They showcased their latest product concept during the Yamaha International Motorshow 2015.

Feast your eyes on the Blue Core engine!

The Blue Core: Pride and Joy of Yamaha International Motorshow 2015

What’s so special about the Blue Core engine anyway?

  • It combines fuel economy and optimum engine performance.
  • Signals the start of a new Yamaha era; racers, commuters, and hobbyists will experience its power with a series of motorcycles built around its awesomeness.

The Stars of Yamaha International Motorshow 2015

Mio i125

Yamaha Mio i125

  • powered by the Blue Core engine
  • its capabilities were demonstrated by Robi Domingo to the public
  • test rides were also opened to those interested to experience its power

Mio Soul i125

Yamaha Mio Soul i125

  • it has all the wonderful qualoties of the Mio i125 plus a presence that’s wonderfully daunting on the road


Yamaha YZF-R3


  • the face of R-series

The Other Stars of Yamaha International Motorshow 2015

  • Yamaha Tricity
  • Marine Category: Wave Runner, outboard motors
  • Power products
  • Generators

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Guests were treated to an array of products and prizes as well as opportunities to take their selfies.

During the Yamaha Club Day Special, Jessy Mendiola gave a special performance!

Yamaha Club cards were also given away within hours from registration.

On the last day, Yeng Constantino gave a spectacular performance that gave audiences a real wow!

With everything that’s said and done, it only shows how passionate Yamaha id when it comes to redefining the motor industry and riding lifestyle.

Yamaha indeed Revs you Heart every second of the way!

For more information about Yamaha, you can visit their website or media center.


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