Why APEC 2015 Has Been Reduced To A Battle Of The ...

Why APEC 2015 Has Been Reduced To A Battle Of The #APEChotties

Have you been bitten by the #APEChotties bug?

Are you rooting for #TeamTrudeau versus #TeamNieto or #MexicanPapi versus #CanadianBae?

With all the buzz I have noticed on Facebook today, there’s a thought that came into my mind.

Why has APEC 2015 been reduced to a battle of the #APEChotties?

Seems like I have found 6 answers.

Why APEC 2015 Has Been Reduced To A Battle Of The #APEChotties: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Images grabbed from Justin Trudeau‘s and Enrique Peña Nieto‘s Facebook page.


1. #APEChotties: We prefer fast thinking.

What is fast thinking anyway?

Take a look at the first 40 seconds of this video (continue with the rest of the video later).

I’ll explain to you why I think Filipinos prefer fast thinking.

First, you don’t need to undergo slow thinking when you look at the photos of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

In just one glance, you’ll instantly know that they have dark hair, are super handsome, and likely has very good things to say about the Filipinos.

There’s a big possibility that they’re going to throw in a “Mahal ko kayo!” then you’ll melt helplessly like an ice cube in the middle of the desert.

Those are the kind of things that are easier and faster to understand.

Like, yeah!

That wink is indeed everything (kilig)!

Then let’s move on to slow thinking.

Just go around your neighborhood (or just on Facebook) and start asking questions on how to improve the economy of the Philippines, solve the traffic situation of major urban areas, how to elimate illegal drugs, decrease the unemployment rate, and etc.

What happens when people would take on your challenge and answer your questions?

Their muscles would tense, their pupils would dilate, and their heart rate would increase.

Those body reactions take up a lot of energy.

We all know that majority of the Filipinos live in poverty.

Most of them doesn’t have the capacity to eat at least 3 times a day, and they certainly can’t waste their time and effort on thinking about the economy, GDP, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2015, West Philippine Sea issue and things like that simply because they don’t have enough energy to do so.

Siempre naman, mas aatupagin nila ang paghahanap ng pagkain kaysa isipin kung ano ang APEC 2015 at siempre naman, mas masaya kasing tutukan ang mga mukha nila ni Nieto at Trudeau kaysa sa intindihin kung ano talaga ang APEC 2015.


2. #APEChotties: We want to be preoccupied with something else.

Instead of focusing on what APEC has done for some of us, like having a canceled flight and cancelled vacation for me (begins to sob uncontrollably), we prefer to focus ourselves on things that are easier to understand (which brings us back to number 1 again).

As for other people, they may not want to think about the traffic or the rerouting schemes implemented because of the arrival of APEC delegates from all over the world.

Like, yeah!

Why would I think about the car on the opposite lane with absolutely no traffic when I’m here stuck at the same spot for almost an hour (begins to roll eyeballs)?



3. #APEChotties: We want to belong to a community.

Twitter is a modern community.

“Think of Twitter as instant messaging except instead of talking to a single person, you are talking to the world, and the world talks back,” shared John M Grohol, author of World of Psychology.

Like, yeah!

Even if we have imaginary friends, we still want to belong to a circle of homies (if you know what I mean).

Alam mo naman tayong mga Pinoy!

Mahilig makisakay sa uso


4. #APEChotties: We crave ambient intimacy.

The term ambient intimacy was coined by Leisa Reichelt and it means “being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.”


5. #APEChotties: We crave rewards.

According to Patricia Wallace, a technopsychologist, “part of the allure of email is also similar to that of a slot machine. You have Intermittent Variable Reward (coined by B.F. Skinner). You are not sure you are going to get a reward every time or how often you will, so you keep pulling that handle.”

Same is true with Twitter.

Receiving a favorite or retweet on your notifications does feel like having a reward.

“Humans prefer intermittent rewards over predictable rewards,” B.F. Skinner also shared.


6. #APEChotties: Because we are insecure?

According to Dr. David Lewis, a cognitive neuropsychologist, “Usage of Twitter suggests a level of insecurity. Unless people recognize you, you seize to exist.”

The number of retweets you have received about #TeamNieto can be seen as a compliment or reward.

The number of Twitter followers you have gained for championing the cause of #TeamNieto may somehow help boost your ego.

Like, yeah!

I am obviously part of #TeamNieto.


In case you’re wondering where I found most of the answers, I found it here!


I was very sad when our trip to El Nido did not push through.

Our flight to Manila has been cancelled and our tickets need at least 10 days before it can be rebooked.

Like, yeah!

I was very depressed over the past weekend but instead of crying over it today, I decided to write about Nieto and Trudeau.

Saan kaya hahantong ang #APECserye na ito?

Oh, by the way!

Who’s your #APEChotties bet?


  1. Mimi Gonzales

    18 November

    Ka LOL ani, ate Chanel! Hahahaha. Bisag di ko gnahan makiuso, I think I’ve got to agree with you here!

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Hahahahaha! Mao ni epekto Mimi basta ma-cancel ang vacation. Tungod sa akong pagmaoy, nagsulat na lang kog blog about APEC kay tungod sa APEC, gi-cancel among flight. Hahaha! Anyway, guapo man pud silang 2 so sakyan na lang nato ang sambayanang Pilipino. Hahahaha! ^_^

  2. Jojo Vito

    25 November

    well, it pays really to have good looks..hahahah. they can catch easily crowds attention

  3. I hope we have some politicians who are as hot as them! Lucky for the people in Manila that they had a long break but then again , I am just proud that we did the APEC 2015 successfully!

  4. We Pinoys tend to divert to a lighter issue whenever there’s too much stress in our news. Lol.

  5. Franc Ramon

    25 November

    We do make fun of a lot of things as it keep us diverted with the issues. I also got some problems in my flight bookings then.

  6. Franc Ramon

    25 November

    We really make fun with a lot of things and it’s probably our means to keep ourselves diverted with all the problems around us. Also had booking problems last APEC week.

  7. bluedreamer27

    26 November

    like you, I was greatly affected by the APEC in so many ways… cancelled plans and even delayed banking transactions…but I’m glad it’s over..
    di talaga ako makamove on sa imaginary friend ni Pnoy haha

  8. Good points! #TeamNieto. all the way.. LOL!

  9. people nowadays would rather talk about the APEC hotties instead of the real, pressing issues plaguing our society + our country. all the topics on economy + whatnot seem to pale in comparison to the juicy news on the Mexican + Canadian lookers. Nieto gets my vote anytime! 🙂

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