Who Is Tommy Osmeña?

Who is Tommy Osmeña?

Yes, that’s the question.

For me, he was a former Cebu City Mayor.

That’s the only thing I knew before I personally met him.

So, what personal tidbits did I learn when my blogger friends and I had dinner in Tommy Osmeña’s house?

You’ll be surprised with some of the things I will share to you!

Who Is Tommy Osmeña?


Tommy Osmeña Trivia # 1: He loves to cook!

“Cooking is my therapy,” he said.

Apparently, he learned how to cook when he got sick of eating fast food and heavy dinners.

From then on, he started cooking at least twice a week.

Is he a good cook?


He is!

Check out the delicious Cream of Spinach he made for us.


Tommy Osmeña Trivia # 2: He is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

He is happily married to Margarita Lim Vargas (Margot as we all call her). 

Their unico hijo is Ramon Miguel V. Osmeña is married to Ana Gabriela Beatriz De La Rosa Villegas.


Tommy Osmeña Trivia # 3: He studied Agro-Economics and courses on Finance, Management and International Trade.

He took Agro-Economics in Xavier University in Cagayan De Oro while his courses on Finance, Management and International Trade were taken in the University of California at Los Angeles.


Tommy Osmeña Trivia # 4: He has held various business positions.

  • 1972: He was vice-president of Seros, Inc., a Los Angeles-based company owned by his father, Sergio Osmeña Jr.
  • 1976-1979: He was a financial analyst of Foreign Credit Insurance Association, the exclusive operating arm of the Export-Import Bank of the US.


Tommy Osmeña Trivia # 5: He is more than just a mayor!

He has also held numerous positions in government.


  • He was mayor of Cebu City.
  • He was elected without a party/endorsement of any national office.
  • He was also the chairman of Metro Cebu Development Project (MCDP).
  • He was responsible for the urban design of 3 cities and 9 municipalities in Metro Cebu.
  • He was responsible for acquiring over Php 20 billion worth of foreign-assisted projects in Metro Cebu.


  • He was elected as the National Executive Vice-President of the League of City Mayors of the Philippines.

2001 – 2010

  • He was mayor of Cebu City once again.

July 1, 2010 – July 2013

  • He represented the 2nd District of Cebu City.


Tommy Osmeña Trivia # 6: He is a visionary leader.

Did you know that installing a BRT system in Cebu City was his idea a long time ago?

The traffic in the 90s was nothing compared to the one we are experiencing now, but he oversaw the need for an effective public transportation.

The South Reclamation Project too was a great long term project that gives Cebu a lot of benefits.

Just to let you know, the SRP project provides the national government an annual income of Php 250 million!

That’s just the SRP alone!

I think I just blew your mind!


“Who Is Tommy Osmeña?” is my 18th entry for The CBC 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#iBlogForCBC, #iBlogForCebu, #CBClevelUP, #30DayBloggingChallenge).


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