Wheels Bar and Grill: 10 Dishes That You Should Tr...

Wheels Bar and Grill: 10 Dishes That You Should Try On Your First Visit

Wheels Bar and Grill near Cebu Provincial Capitol

We all want to relax and enjoy good food at the end of a very busy day, don’t we? If you happen to be looking for a new place in the heart of the city, add Wheels Bar and Grill to your bucket list. Aside from their cool and spacious restaurant, their dishes can satisfy both people with discriminating taste or those who just want something to fill their bellies.

If you need proof, take a look at the photos I took when I dined there. Yes, they all look delicious but mind you, they all taste delicious too! Don’t take my word for it. You should try these yourself!

Must-Try Dishes at Wheels Bar and Grill


Kinilaw Tacos

I’m a fan of tacos but this was certainly the first time I tried kinilaw served in tacos. The overall taste is very interesting. You’ve got the crunchy taco and sweet fish meat in every bite. Once it is served, better eat it immediately or else the tacos will get soggy. (Php 140)

Wheels Bar and Grill kinilaw tacos


This dish reminds me of fun times with friends over a few (or many hahaha) bottles of beer or any liquor. Personally, I like my sisig as meaty and flavorful as possible.  Wheels Bar and Grill has definitely hit the spot! (Php 159)

Wheels Bar and Grill sisig


I first encountered this dish when I was still working as a nurse in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. My friends would go gaga over this dish. They frequently visit the pungko-pungko stall just outside the hospital fence (near the entrance road to the Psychiatric Ward) after our shift.

I didn’t like the first time I tried ginabot. It was very oily and I did not like the taste. Thankfully, this one has the right crunchiness and light taste to it. Don’t forget to dunk it in vinegar too! (Php 90)

Wheels Bar and Grill ginabot




I don’t about you but it seems to me that grilled pork belly is a Cebuano comfort food. Just look at that and dare to tell me if you are not excited to eat that with a lot of rice on the plate! (Php 175)

Wheels Bar and Grill grilled pork belly

Chicken BBQ

I love chicken barbecue and I want it tender and juicy. I may even throw in a second cup of rice with these 4 sticks! (Php 35 or Php 80)

Wheels Bar and Grill chicken bbq




I used to hear the word larang mentioned by jeepney and taxi drivers. Then I started hearing it from my friends and wondered what’s with it. When I finally tasted larang for the first time, I couldn’t get enough of its sour but flavorful soup.

Wheels Bar and Grill has put it in a higher level though. More seafood and added creamy goodness from coconut milk is a sure-fire way to delight any larang fan like me! (Php 190)

Wheels Bar and Grill larang


Just like the grilled pork belly, I consider this as a comfort food. Every time I can smell this in a carenderia, my pouth couldn’t help it but begin to water. I like the fact that Wheels Bar and Grill serves it with a lot of meat and a bit of fat. Just look at that! (Php 120)

Wheels Bar and Grill humba

Chicken N’ Gravy

We all want crispy fried chicken dipped in a thick gravy, don’t we? Their version is definitely bigger than the usual servings we see in restaurants but they did not compromise the taste. As I mentioned earlier, you have to try this yourself and understand what I meant. (Php 180)

Wheels Bar and Grill chicken n' gravy



Bicol Express

It’s a bit sweet and creamy. Definitely yummy! (Php 120)

Wheels Bar and Grill Bicol Express

Sambal Kangkong

I love the way they prepared it. It has a bit of sauce which I can put on my rice. This is one of my favorites on their menu by the way. (Php 115)

Wheels Bar and Grill sambal kangkong



Regular Rice

This is perfect because it’s plain taste compliments the flavors of the dishes. (Barkada: Php 40,  Cup: Php 15)

Wheels Bar and Grill barkada rice

Sisig Rice

If you’re craving for something more flavorful than regular rice, this is one of the options you can choose. You can also go for humba or chorizo rice which is also equally as good as this. (Php 90)

Wheels Bar and Grill sisig rice

Wheels Bar and Grill Wagyu beef

You can also order Wagyu Beef for here or take out. It’s Php 1800 for 8 pieces of these. Please call them ahead if you want to order.

*All rates are subject to change without prior consent.

Wheels Bar and Grill Contact Details

  • Address: Don Mariano Qui, Cebu City
  • Opening Hours: Lunch from 11 AM to 1:30 PM (Tuesday to Sunday and Dinner from 6 PM to 11 PM (Tuesday to Thursday) or 6 PM to 2 AM (Friday to Saturday)
  • Contact Number: 0998-793-4098
  • Facebook

Wheels Bar and Grill near Cebu Provincial Capitol: bar area

Their slogan is “If there’s a wheel, there’s a way.” If you want a good night out with family and friends, I would highly recommend this place. It’s a great place for liquor or beer drinking too!

They hit my personal trifecta for a good restaurant; good food, reasonable rates, and chill vibe. My personal favorites from the dishes above are Sisig, Chicken BBQ, Larang, Sambal Kangkong.

What Wheels Bar and Grill dishes are you planning to try out on your first visit?

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  1. Emelie Empire

    17 April

    The foods look so yummy! These pictures are making me hungry right now, huhuhu.

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      17 April

      Natulog man gud ka ani Emelie. Hahaha! Gikapoy ka atong adlawa sah?

  2. Herbert Kikoy

    20 April

    In fairness lami gyud ni sila diri but unsaon ta man nga haskang layoa mn tawon ani nila oi. Saon na lang ang traffic sa Consolacion pa lang daan.

  3. Makagutom kaayo ni Shanky. Why you doin this to me? huhuhu..
    Panglibrii mo.. coz I’m broke..
    But on a more serious note, I will check this place out soon.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Wala raba jud koy kaon nag basa ani nga blog ay. Hahahahaha gutomaaaaa…

  5. Kat

    4 May

    OMG sisig, ginabot, bbq, larang! Must try! Lamiaaaaaaa! I’m sure jud dili rani sa pics lami. Ugh.

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