What’s Up With Social Media In Cebu For 2015...

What’s Up With Social Media In Cebu For 2015?

When it comes to social media, research is still going to be conducted here in Cebu or Central Visayas.

Most statistics made by researchers are based on Philippines as a whole.

As an active blogger in Cebu, I will just tell you what I know.

I came across with Ruben Licera’s slides about the social media scene of Cebu on the internet.

This blog is somehow an update to what he has already written 3 years ago.

What's Up With Social Media In Cebu For 2015?


Social Media In Cebu Is Growing

This can be attested to the increasing presence of internet or blogging communities in Cebu.


Social Media In Cebu Is Doing Great Because Of Numerous Organized Events

Since 2011, large events related to social media, blogging, web development, and more were organized.

  • 2011 – Visayas Blogging Summit
  • 2012 – Social Media Influencers Summit
  • 2012 – Social Good Summit
  • 2012 – World Bloggers Day
  • 2012 – GDG Cebu annual meetup
  • 2013 – GDG Cebu annual meetup
  • 2013 – GBG Mandaue Launch
  • 2015 – GBG Mandaue Women monthly, quarterly meetup
  • 2015 – Cebu Blogging Community Ultimate Meetup
  • 2015 – Cebu Blogging Community 1st Anniversary
  • 2015 – The Payoneer Forum
  • 2015 – Social Media Summit will happen very soon!

The number of companies in Cebu that have embraced social media have increased.

Although I can’t say a specific number, just take into consideration the advent of hashtags and advertisements urging people to follow a specific company’s social media accounts.

Social media in Cebu has also reached mainstream with the presence of Globe Media Excellence Awards.

GMEA has recently awarded bloggers, social media advocates, reporters, photographers, and radio anchors in Grand Convention Center.


Social Media In Cebu Is Reaching New Ground Through CBC

In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you something awesome about Cebu’s biggest and fastest growing blogging group, the Cebu Blogging Community.

The community was established on 2014 with the following goals in mind:

Encourage Cebu-based bloggers to:

  • We are a collaborative organization that aims to provide support and guidance to members. CBC regularly offers trainings and coaching sessions to help bloggers hone their craft.

  • We consider ourselves are social media influencers who have sworn public accountability by adhering to the Walter William’s Journalist’s Creed (1994).

  • We are the trusted media arm of Philippine Information Agency – Cebu for social good related events.

  • We have a “NO membership fee” policy. We welcome applications from all existing and active bloggers of Cebu.

Last July, CBC just celebrated its first anniversary.

Current number of members are more or less 80 and still growing!

Bjornson Bernales has recently published a blog about the top bloggers of CBC when it comes to Alexa and Moz Rank.

You’ll be amazed at our statistics!

A lot of the members were nominated for the Philippine Blogging Awards too!

The CBC as a community is so thrilled because being nominated is already an honor.

“What’s Up With Social Media In Cebu For 2015?” is my 24th entry for The CBC 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#iBlogForCBC #iBlogForCebu #CBClevelUP #30DayBloggingChallenge).


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