Turtulele: 8 Reasons Why It’s A Ukulele That...

Turtulele: 8 Reasons Why It’s A Ukulele That’s Oozing With Awesomeness

I love ukuleles and I am always looking at the coolest designs available in the Philippines.

Guess what?

I didn’t have to go beyond Cebu just to catch a glimpse of perhaps the coolest ukulele design I have ever seen.

Let me introduce to you Turtulele!

As to why it is oozing with awesomeness, I have 8 reasons for you!

Turtulele ukulele from Cebu

In solid red color [Turtulele Facebook Page]

1. Turtulele has a unique turtle shell design.

We all want to stand out at some point in our lives, don’t we?

The makers of Turtulele made sure that whenever you buy their ukuleles, you will stand out!

Why wouldn’t you?

Just look at the turtle shell design!

It’s hip, cool and most of all, it’s awesome!

2. Turtulele has a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Whatever the color you want, you can have it!

Whatever the design you want, you can have it!

If it’s not available, they can create and customize one just for you!

And you know what?

Each ukulele is hand-painted!

You can even have the cool ones with LED lights!

Turtulele ukulele from Cebu

What a beauty! [Turtulele Facebook Page]

3. Turtulele is weather-proof.

In case you didn’t know, most guitars and ukuleles are not weather-proof.

What do I mean by that?

Take for instance, I bought an ordinary ukulele at Mactan.

Then I brought it with me to London and started playing with it.

Eventually, the ukulele becomes broken.


Because ukulele is made out of wood and wood reacts to the environment it is surrounded with.

Chances are, if you bought a ukulele made in the Philippines, it won’t work well if you’ll play with it in London.

But that will never happen with Turtulele because it’s made out of fiberglass!

Turtulele Owner Reginald Bernaldez and Guitar World

L-R: Turtulele Product Development Head Reginald Bernaldez and Guitar World [Turtulele Facebook Page]

4. Turtulele is water-proof.

Since it is made out of fiberglass, expect their ukuleles to be strong, sturdy, and water-proof!

Now you don’t have to worry if it’s raining cats and dogs, it snows like crazy, and if the sun is literally frying you!

5. Turtulele is break resistant.

Ukuleles made out of wood have the tendency to break if the owner does not know how to handle it well or was handled without care accidentally.

Fiberglass is a strong material that is not easy to break so it’s a great

Turtulele factory in Cebu

This is how awesome is made! [Turtulele Facebook Page]

6. Turtulele is made in the Philippines.

All the hybrid ukuleles are manufactured in Cebu thanks to the craftsmanship, creativity, and ingenuity of the Filipinos!

7. Turtulele is light-weight.

Since it’s made of fiberglass, it’s light-weight but music-heavy!

8. Turtulele is best for kids, and adults too!

Since it is a uniquely-design ukulele, available in wide variety of patterns and colors, weather-proof, water-proof, break resistant, made in the Philippines and light-weight, wouldn’t you agree that this is a great gift idea and pasalubong or souvenir for the kids and adults alike?

Turtulele Logo

Such a cool logo, don’t you agree? [Turtulele Facebook Page]

Turtulele is available for bulk orders, consignments, and custom-made services.

You can contact them through:

  • Website
  • Email:
  • Contact Numbers: +63 916-668-8878 or +63 922-489-6918
  • Facebook Page


  1. Elizabeth O.

    6 August

    The turtulele is definitely unique! Is there a difference with the sound quality since this is made of fiberglass instead of wood?

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    6 August

    THat is very cool. I am not even sure I would recognize the sound of a ukulele if I heard one.

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Just listen to Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and I’m sure you’ll become familiar with the sound of a ukulele Robin. ^_^

  3. Nova

    6 August

    that’s pretty awesome, as long as there isn’t any turtle harmed on the production of the awesome adorable ukelele I have to say, a nice tiny guitar to acquire

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      No turtles were harmed during the production of Turtulele, Nova. It is now illegal to use turtle shells to make a ukulele. It is made of fiberglass. ^_^

  4. This is really unique take on an old instrument! I’m not a musician so I can’t speak to tgs technicalities so I only hope it sounds good. 🙂

  5. These are so cool. My son went through a time when he was really interested in learning to play the ukelele.

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      I hope he will continue to play it even if he’s an adult. I’m an adult but I really enjoy strumming and creating music with it. ^_^

  6. Shannon P

    6 August

    That is awesome! It would definitely get me interested in playing with the fun colors and turtle shell!

  7. Ukulele instrument looks so cute and especially with so many colors to choose from.

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      You can personalize the Turtulele Jessica! That’s what’s great about it. Anything you want, they’ll deliver!

  8. Mystarlight

    6 August

    These are so neat. I love the turtle shell look. It has been a while since I have heard a ukulele. My friends father used to play one in a band. I loved the music. Makes me want to learn how to play one.

  9. hOW UNIQUE AND CUTE ARE THOSE? I would like to get one for my ki-ds!

  10. Liz Mays

    7 August

    Those are totally neat looking, and I love the sound they make when played too!

  11. Julia

    7 August

    That is sooo awesome! I want one!

  12. Jo

    21 August

    I love this product already! So many nice things about it – water proof, break resistant, lightweight and most specially, it’s Made in the Philippines! This is perfect for gifting! Nice catchy name too!!!

  13. Wow! this is a great string musical instrument to have. Last time I played ukulele was centuries ago. ha,ha,ha..

  14. 3sonshavei

    22 August

    Love the design. I always thought it would be fun to learn to play

  15. theresa

    22 August

    I also think the Turtulele is strong by it’s look. I want to have one of my own.

  16. Travel Quest

    22 August

    Ukelele is the first string instrument I know when I was in grade school. I always wanted to learn how to play this. When we went to Bohol in Loboc river i saw kids and adults play this instrument and it makes me jealous.

  17. That is so unique and pretty! I want one for my girl.

  18. Russ R.

    22 August

    So nice – talk about Pinoy ingenuity. I like how the Turtulele is a better version of our Ukalele; it would make a great present or souvenir to travelers.

  19. franckxethee

    23 August

    It’s nice to see the ukelele having colorful designs and a sturdier turtle shell like cover. This is really awesome.

  20. I love the unique name, the lovely colors and designs and the other awesome features of this ukulele brand. Nice!

  21. Teresa Martinez

    24 August

    Fiberglass ukulele? Didn’t know until now there is a modern version of the wooden ukulele. Looks so trendy and of high quality.

  22. Looks really cute!! And I love the name. I’ve tried playing the ukelele and it’s so fun to play with. and yes I agree, fiberglass a really good material. very light and durable.

  23. Wow, this design is so unique, even non guitar players can enjoy this piece of art just looking at it! It is so amazing indeed, its turtle-like shape is so awesome!

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      I love the turtle shell design too Debarpan! It’s the very thing that makes it unique amidst a sea of ukuleles!

  24. That is a very nice looking ukelele!! I used to play basic piano but through the years my musical inclination has become limited to singing during taking baths ahahha. But I’d definitely recommend this to my friends!

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Padayon lang ang singing Iggy. Supoortahan taka, pero stay lang jud sa shower. Hahahaha! Mosugot ko mokanta ka if adto ta sa videoke!

  25. richieblue

    31 August

    I’m not a music fan but i think this is a good gift idea.

  26. This is so cute. My daughter will surely want one if she sees this.

  27. These are nice-looking ukuleles and a well-thought of concept in design. They just made music visually

  28. Emjae Fotos

    1 September

    Soooo happy to own one and this has been my best friend in the couch. Indeed it’s oozing with awesomeness. 🙂

  29. caloyolano

    2 September

    Too bad, I do not know how to play a ukulele but I am definitely gonna recommend this people. I think a lot of kids would love to have this. 😉

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Dali ra mag learn ukulele Sir Carlo! Turtulele is a perfect ukulele na imong practisan kay lig-on tapos nindot og sound quality. ^_^

  30. Alvin

    9 September

    Wow a quality product that is world class produce in the Philippines. I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends.

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