SM Woman Dare to Denim: 4 Style Tips On How To Roc...

SM Woman Dare to Denim: 4 Style Tips On How To Rock The Denim Outfit

Don’t you just love denim?

It’s a staple for my casual wear (which is 99% of the time).

If you thought that wearing it is boring, you are sorely mistaken!

There are many ways on how you can rock the denim outfit.

Here are 4 tips shared to us by the SM Woman Dare to Denim Caravan.

SM Woman Dare to Denim Style Tips

Emee Dy for SM Woman Dare to Denim Cebu

Teen ice-skating champion Emee Dy elongates her petite frame by wearing a denim pencil skirt with a sleeveless collared top. Match this with a pair of white sneakers to look youthful and fun.

Jach Manere for SM Woman Dare to Denim Cebu

Jach Manere’s sun-kissed morena skin looks golden wearing her vintage inspired denim outfit. To look like a sweetheart from the 50s, match a cropped top with a pair of denim pedal pushers. People will wonder if you stepped out of a pin-up poster.

Kimi Lu for SM Woman Dare to Denim Cebu

If you’ve been blessed with a full figure like Kimi Lu, take advantage of the denim-on-denim trend that looks like it is here to stay. Accentuate your assets while maintaining an elegant appeal by wearing your denim polos over your denim jeans to achieve a casual but polished look.

Melania Le Trojes for SM Woman Dare to Denim Cebu

Melania Le Trojes is not your average model, but a real woman with real curves. Try contrasting washes of denim to bring attention to the right places, without sacrificing a high-fashion appeal.


There is more than 1 way to rock the denim.

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How about you?

Do you have any denim style tips that you can share?

Feel free to write it on the comment section below.

I’ll be waiting!

*All photos are courtesy of SM Woman Dare to Denim.


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