My Favorite Philippine Delicacies

It is in the Filipino culture to buy pasalubong for their family and friends back home when one travels. Most of these pasalubong come in the form of food items, delicacies that are associated with the places that one has been to. Over the years, I had my own share of receiving pasalubong from friends and relatives who travel and I have also done the same for many friends and kin. Here is a list of my favorite delicacies from the Philippine islands.

My Favorite Philippine Delicacies


Philippine Delicacies: Pastel from Camiguin

My Favorite Philippine Delicacies: Pastel by VjANDEP

(photo grabbed from Vjandep website)

My favorite Philippine delicacy is the Pastel from Vjandep in Camiguin. I like the one with the original sweet and milky yema filling inside the very soft bun. It’s a good thing this heavenly treat is now being sold in supermarkets in Cebu.


Philippine Delicacies: Piaya from Bacolod City

My Favorite Philippine Delicacies Bongbong's Ube Piaya

(photo grabbed from Bongbong’s website)

Bongbong’s is the standard of pasalubong stores in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental. And among the delicacies sold at Bongbong’s, my personal favorite is the ube piaya. Bongbong’s products are now also sold in Cebu.


Philippine Delicacies: Silvanas from Dumaguete City

The silvanas at Sans Rival in Dumaguete City are the best ones I tried. Sure there are a lot of stores in Cebu that sell this sweet tooth treat but I never had it as good as the ones sold at Sans Rival. No wonder that one has to pre-order them if they want to buy in bulk as these round little things are truly in gigh demand for tourists visiting Dumaguete City.


Philippine Delicacies: Calamay from Bohol

Since I was a child, my lola always bought this sticky caramel inside a taped up coconut shell. The sweet-loving me always delight in calamay. It is now also available in plastic and in ube kinampay flavor. But I still prefer the ones in the coconut shells though, for sentimental reasons perhaps.


Philippine Delicacies: Masareal from Mandaue City

Among the Cebuano delicacies, masareal tops my list of favorites. Sweet and nutty is just an awesome combination. Didang’s is my personal standard for this sweet rectangles.


Philippine Delicacies: Spanish Sardines from Dipolog City
My Favorite Philippine Delicacies Tito Mike's Spanish Sardines

(photo grabbed from Tito Mike’s website)

Montaño’s is the most popular Spanish sardines brand from Dipolog City. My personal preference though is Tito Mike’s. Lucky me, I can sometimes get my hand on the brand as this is not available in the local market and is only commercially sold for export.


Philippine Delicacies: Dried Mangoes from Cebu City

Dried mangoes from Cebu are a great fruity treat. They now also come in very sinful chocolate-dipped flavors. Oh, who could ever resist that temptation? Surely not me.


Philippine Delicacies: Bakers’ Hill Hopia from Puerto Princesa City

To me, no hopia comes close to the ones from Palawan’s bakers’ Hill. I love the buttery taste of this Puerto Princesa baked goodies.


Philippine Delicacies: Dried Danggit from Bantayan Island

I’m a sucker for sweet treats but I also love seafood. And one of the seafood delicacies that I am happy to have is the dried danggit from Bantayan Island. Get me the salted ones and you tickle my fancy.


Philippine Delicacies: Napoleones from Bacolod City

My Favorite Philippine Delicacies Napoleones

(photo grabbed from Roli’s Bakeshop Facebook page)

Here’s another sweet treat from Bacolod City that I’d love to indulge myself in. Surprisingly, this cream puffs from Roli’s are available in Manila and not yet in Cebu.


“My Favorite Philippine Delicacies” was written by guest author, Thaddeau Ybarsabal Engaling of Wonderful Cebu, and our 23nd entry for The CBC 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#iBlogForCebu, #iBlogForCBC, #CBClevelUP, #30DayBloggingChallenge).


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