My 21 Days Of Gladness: Day 7

I was supposed to write about this last Friday but I got busy again.

I made a post about it though on my Instagram account.

You might be wondering what I will be giving away next.

When I first had a bite of J.CO’s Alcapone doughnut, it got me hooked!

So for Day 7 of my giveaway, I decided to raffle off 1 box of half dozen J.CO doughnuts (because I got a gift certificate from them)!

Hating kapatid tayo.

Half dozen sa’yo, half dozen din sa’kin.

Ang saya-saya!

How to win Day 7 of My 21 Days Of Gladness

1. Just open an Instagram account.

2. Follow me on Instagram (of course)!

3. Then read the instructions here.

4. Then wait for my announcement at 12 noon today!

Day 3 and 4 of My 21 Days Of Gladness

My 21 Days Of Gladness Is Still Up!

I haven’t posted anything yet about my Day 8, Day 9, and Day 10 (today).

I think I’m better off if I go to dreamland first then decide about this later.

But I’m keen on keeping things sweet so there’s an 80% chance that it’ll be dessert (again)!

To be updated about my giveaways, following me on social media is a very good idea!

If you really love J.CO Donuts, join this giveaway before the clock strikes 12 noon today!


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