Molave Milk Station: 2 Refreshing Menu Choices Tha...

Molave Milk Station: 2 Refreshing Menu Choices That You Should Try

Molave Milk Station in Barili, Cebu

I was bored and tired of staying indoors so I decided to go on a short day trip to Barili and Argao yesterday (a Manic Monday Trip shall I say). I first went to Molave Milk Station to taste their ice cream and goat’s milk. I’ve been dying (not literally – duh) for a stopover here and I finally got what I wanted.

They actually have more to offer than just milk so to make things easier, let’s narrow it down to two. As my personal suggestion, you should try out their flavored ice cream and goat milk but first things first. I should tell you how to get there!

How to get to Molave Milk Station

  1. Go to South Bus Terminal. It is located in N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City. You can check out the bus schedules in our Cebu Provincial Government’s website (seems like they need to update it ASAP) or call the Cebu South Bus Terminal through (032) 253-3830 or (032) 253-4119.
  2. Look for a bus that is going to Barili. You can ask any person in the bus terminal to show you. Personally, I prefer to ride any bus from the Ceres Liner (especially the air-conditioned ones).
  3. If you’re in a hurry, ask them which bus is going to go first and go on board.
  4. Tell the driver and conductor that you’re going to Molave Milk Station in Barili so that they can stop the bus right in front of its entrance.
  5. Locating it is not difficult if you’re a recluse like me. Once you notice signboards that you’ve reached Barili, just look out for the Molave Milk Station signboard at the right side of the bus (take a look at the very first picture of this blog). Then dramatically shout, “Stop the bus!” Just kidding. Just say “para lang kuya” or “lugar lang.”
  6. I paid Php 76 riding a non-airconditioned Ceres Liner bus yesterday (a Monday). It will cost a bit more if you will ride the air-conditioned one and during weekends or special dates like Holy Week, Christmas, or New Year when the bus terminal is totally jam-packed.

Molave Milk Station tables and chairs

2 Must-Try Menu Choices at Molave Milk Station

While I was looking at their menu, I was a bit confused. I think it was the summer heat that’s gotten into me. So instead of looking at each menu item they had, I just asked the saleslady for their bestsellers. She told me it’s their gelato and milk, so I went ahead and bought the two.

Ube Ice Cream

There were only 2 flavors left upon my arrival. The other one was chocolate so I went ahead and tried the ube variant (because I think chocolate is too mainstream haha).

Their ice cream is not the best ube ice cream there ever was but the overall flavor is interesting (We’ve got goat milk to thank for that). It’s not as creamy as I expected it to be but it’s not bad if you want something cool to munch on. It easily melts to so don’t waste too much time on taking pictures of it.

Molave Milk Station ube ice cream

Goat Milk

When I had my first sip, it took a few minutes for my brain to comprehend its taste. It’s more flavorful compared to cow’s milk. It tastes smooth as well (Is this even the right adjective to describe milk?) Some would say it has a stronger taste but for me, it was just okay. This is best enjoyed when chilled.

Molave Milk Station goat milk

I am not lactose intolerant but I started taking out dairy on my diet for a few months now whenever possible, except when I drink milk tea (I just can’t stop taking it. You’d have to kill me to make me stop drinking it). After a few minutes of drinking goat milk, I started passing out gas, which was okay. But I ended up passing gas the entire day (Thank God I was all alone yesterday – hahahaha). I’ve read some blogs that they passed more than gas so I guess I’m not alone when it comes to having a weird reaction to the milk.

Molave Milk Station Goat Milk

I’m not sure if my tummy agrees with the “easy to digest” bit.

My Final Thoughts on Molave Milk Station

Although my tummy didn’t react so well with the goat milk, I’d still recommend you to try it at least once in your lifetime (unless you’re a lactose intolerant of course). I will try out the other ice cream flavors on my next stopover.

Overall, my experience there was a good one. The place is very relaxing.There are a lot of trees and the air is so fresh.

I even read a few chapters of Little Lord Fauntleroy while listening to the birds chirping. What a good way to start the day, I’d say.

Molave Milk Station tables and chairs

I sat on a plastic stool and faced the trees while reading Little Lord Fauntleroy here.

I was actually planning to try out their kiseo or carabao cheese yesterday but I totally forgot about it (cue in the virtual tears). Oh well, I’m going to visit them again anyway.

The Molave Milk Station was just my first stop yesterday. If you want to check out my other stopover, check them out here:


By the way, are you excited for your very first stopover in Molave Milk Station?

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  1. Christopher

    12 April

    I have passed by this place alot of times and been wondering how those milk differ from the rest. Now that you made a blog, I am no longer fearful of wasting my money to stop by because I now know it’s worth a stop to refresh. Thanks for this blog.

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      14 April

      If you want a peaceful place to eat or do nothing (while eating ice cream or drinking goat milk of course), this is the perfect stopover to your south of Cebu trip.

  2. Hanna

    19 April

    I’ve been to Molave Milk Station multiple times, and every time I go there, I always enjoy their ice cream. 🙂

  3. Rea

    19 April

    Nindot sad kag trip Shanks da kung bored ka, haha. Hmm. I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant. In fact, I love trying out different kinds so goat milk is probably something I’d likely try. Sayang nakalimot ka sa cheese! Hehe but anyway, it was a nice stopover and perf for ice cream (and a book) because of this summer weather.

  4. Oh! I’ve been buying those milk in the grocery stores. I never knew they are the one manufacturing it.
    I prefer goat’s milk than cow’s. I read an article saying that the components of goat’s milk are easier to
    break down that the cow’s, and it’s healthier.
    Anyway, I’ve seen this place over social medias and have passed it several times whenever I go western Cebu
    but haven’t visited it yet. Maybe soon whenever I go “road tripping”.

  5. Christoeffer John

    28 April

    Pirmi jud ko maka agi ani bsta mulaag ug south via Barili but I’ve never got the chance to try their milk. Maybe soon when I’ll be having another long ride.

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