How to Become a Mental Assassin in 4 Easy Steps wi...

How to Become a Mental Assassin in 4 Easy Steps with Justin Piñon

How to Become a Mental Assassin in 4 Easy Steps with Justin Piñon

We live in a world that is highly competitive where we have to strive to get to the top, becoming a mental assassin if necessary. To excel in modern society, you may agree that mastering the art of communication will come very handy.

Did you know that communication is 80% body language and 20% words?

Spoken language is just the minority when it comes to conveying our message because the bulk comes with body language. Is their any way to use this knowledge to our benefit?


The knowledge of this principle can be used in various ways; to land your dream job, to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, to impress people, and sell whatever products you are offering.

Remember the quote we mentioned earlier? Without knowledge of what a certain body gesture means you may be doomed to fail. You may have noticed how Filipinos use indirect communication; the verbal and body language do not coincide with each other, leaving foreigners baffled.

So, how does one become a novice mental assassin? Here are the ways.

4 Easy Steps to Become a Mental Assassin

Neutralize and subdue unfavorable body language

Filipinos are guilty of overusing negative body language. This is showing body gestures that do not go along with each other. Here’s an example.

“Good morning Sir! We have a new flavor for the Philippines’ best selling coffee brand. It has less calories and sugar. Would you like to try it,” the saleslady asked.

“Wow! Really,” the college student politely smiled. But she folded her arms as soon as the saleslady began talking about calories and sugar.

If the saleslady will not act accordingly, she will likely lose the college student as a potential customer. This is just one of the many examples about negative body language.

Learn to build rapport.

If you aim to persuade people, you need to build a connection based on trust. Why on earth would people buy something from you or begin conversing with you if they don’t trust you?

Detect Deception and Deceit

Given the right knowledge and ground experience, you can actually detect lies by studying emotions and microfacial expressions as studied by Paul Eckman. According to his theory, our emotion has an equivalent manifestation in our face and body.

Win the Admiration of People

The proper body language can command respect from the people around you. If you have been trying to earn the respect of your boss for the longest time, perhaps their is something you are not doing right. Perhaps your body language is not helping you.

After reading the 4 steps, you may now be aware of your own quirks and you may be aiming to improve on it. Do you want to go to the next level?

A Mental Assassin is Going to Cebu!

Yes! An expert is coming to town! No, it’s not Santa Claus. It’s non other than Justin Piñon!

Justin Piñon is highly regarded as a ‘Mental Assassin’ because of his specialized skills in mentalism. He does not have supernatural powers but his skills make him appear like he has one! Here are other interesting facts about him:

Justin is also a certified hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Since 2010, he has been conducting lectures about non-verbal communication and persuasion to companies and private individuals. He has frequently taught a number of sales companies how to positively influence their clients through nonverbal communication, so that they will more likely buy their products.

Block your entire day tomorrow! Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network is bringing him to Cebu for a whole-day workshop, “Now I See You, Bai: The Body Language Advantage.”

How to Become a Mental Assassin in 4 Easy Steps with Justin Piñon

The morning session will be for students while the afternoon will be dedicated to professionals.

The students will learn:

Reading people’s nonverbal cues and finding negative body gestures and converting them to positive ones will be explored along with Justin’s secrets to persuasion.

The professionals will learn:

Spotting liars and using unique gestures to your advantage will also be discussed.  NLP techniques such as Mirroring and effective sitting positions will also be tackled to achieve effective persuasion with every client.

The student session will happen on November 25, 2016 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN while the professionals will have their sessions at 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Venue is J Center Convention Hall, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Now I See You, Bai: The Body Language Advantage Mental Assassin Ticket Prices

For Students:
Early Bird Rate: PhP 400 (Sold until 10 November 2016)
Regular/Walk-in Rate: PhP 500
Premium Ticket: PhP 600 (Front row seats, Opportunity to interact with resource person, workshop kits)

For Professionals:
Early Bird Rate: PhP 700 (Sold until 10 November 2016)
Regular/Walk-in Rate: PhP 800
Premium Ticket: PhP 950 (Front row seats, Opportunity to interact with resource person, workshop kits)

How to Become a Mental Assassin in 4 Easy Steps with Justin Piñon

If you want to know more about the team that brought Justin to Cebu, you may check out their website or follow them on Facebook!

So, are you ready to become a Mental Assassin?

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  1. Chen Tan

    22 February

    Thank you for this post!!! This has really made the event more lively 🙂

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      27 February

      Justin is so fun. Hope you can catch him in any of his seminars soon. 🙂

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