Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015: The 3 Things You Sh...

Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015: The 3 Things You Should Expect To See

If you think your summer couldn’t get any hotter, think again.

Prepare your best summer outfit, and attitude, because the biggest summer event in the Philippines is going to happen in Cebu!

The 8th run of Ipanema Summer Sunscream will soon take centerstage at Green Lagoon Park (Compostela, Cebu) on May 22 to 23, 2015.

So, what should you expect to see on this amazing weekend?

Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015

Are you ready for Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015?

1. Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 will showcase the best bands and DJs in the Philippines.

Ipanema has prepared the best performers to keep you entertained. Aside from the best local performers in Cebu, prepared to rock the summer beat with:

  • Urbandub
  • Franco
  • Powerspoonz
  • Kamikazee
  • California’s Vega
  • South Korea’s Conan
  • Korean-Japanese duo The Phenomenon

Just in case you’re a big fan of Urbandub and Kamikazee, the weekend will be their last performance as a group and they will disband after that.

I guess that alone is enough reason to convince you to join.

Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 Local DJs

These are the local DJs who will perform during the Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015

2. Sexy hosts will run the Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015.

Who are the two hotties that will host the event?

It’s none other than Roxanne Barcelo and DJ Tom Candy.

3. Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 is going to open two awesome competitions; Rider Beach Tournament & Rider Dip & Dash Aquathlon.

Want to channel the athlete within you or see athletes play a great game live?

The Rider Beach Tournament and Rider Dip & Dash Aquathlon would tickle your fancy!

Rider Beach Tournament

  • Open to all volleyball athletes and enthusiasts
  • Tournament is set on May 22 to 23, 2015
  • Prizes: Php 20,000 (1st), Php 15,000 (2nd), Php 10,000 (3rd)
  • Registration: Php 2,500 per team of 3
  • The registration will include 3 tickets to the Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015, exclusive beach volleyball shirts and a loot bag

Rider Dip & Dash Aquathlon

  • Tournament is set on May 23, 2015
  • Registration: Php 1,500 for 2 km swim + 10 km run (full distance), Php 1,200 for 1 km swim + 5 km run (half distance), and Php 800 for 500 m swim + 2.5 km run (fun category).
  • Registration will include Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015, tumbler, towel, and loot bag.

How to Join Rider Beach Tournament & Rider Dip & Dash Aquathlon

You can contact the following numbers:

  • 0925-520-0222
  • 0917-321-6875

You can also visit the following shops

  • Auto Focus
  • Dan’s Bike Shop
  • Brick Multisport

Room Packages for Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015

Guests can take advantage of the following:

  • Green Lagoon Beach – 2 nights in a Deluxe Room that is good for 2 (Php 6,000)
  • Estaca Bay – 2 nights in a Deluxe Room that is good for 2 (Php 8,000)

Free Rides to the Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 is also available!

Starting at 8 AM, there will be a bus from IT Park that will go to Compostela.

Bus rides are available 30 minutes thereafter.

Bus ride from Compostela to IT Park will start at 2 AM, with 30 minutes intervals thereafter.

Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015

Join the conversation by using the hashtags #IpanemaSummerSunscream and #IpanemaSummerSunscream2015.

Are you ready for Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015?


  1. Michelle Hwee

    14 May

    What a great post! It looks exciting and fun!

  2. This sounds like a great event. Lots of fun.

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Oh yes! This is a favorite summer party in Cebu among party enthusiasts Debbie so it’s a whole lot of fun for sure. ^_^

  3. Elizabeth O.

    14 May

    I love that flip flops! Sounds like a really fun event. I’m not into that kind of sports, but I’d love to watch.

  4. There we are – thank you Channel for allowing me to try again to make a comment –
    What a great event – yes I’d love to channel the athlete in me – my first step is to get into my routine again! Would so love going to this event! 🙂

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Thanks for telling me that you had difficulties pushing your comment through Donna! I enjoy watching sports too just like you!

  5. Stephanie

    14 May

    This looks amazing! I wish I was could go!

  6. I love Roxee B!! This is really fun with a large group of friends! I don’t think I can attend this one though. So sad that Urbandub & Kamikazee will disband 🙁

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      I guess niabot najud sila sa time na kailangan na sila mo disband jud Rea. Nothing lasts forever as they say. ^_^

  7. Love the photo! Wish I could attend 🙂 xoxo Francy

  8. francy

    15 May

    Looks like a fun event

  9. kleebanks

    16 May

    Wow, that sounds like quite the collection of events!

  10. The summer event everyone seems to be talking about haha! Thanks for the informative post, it looks like a lot of fun!

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Ipanema Summer Sunscream seems to be the favorite among all summer parties and I could now understand why. ^_^

  11. This is going to be the best beach summer ender party this year. Are you ready with your bikini, Chanel?
    I’m so ready with my trunks, lol, under my board shorts. See yah there!

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      I still have baby fats to burn Jeph! I have to bring back my sexy abs and thigh gap first then I’m going to rock the cover of a glamour magazine on a skimpy bikini! Amen! 😀

  12. Vernon Go

    21 May

    tugsh togsh tugs togs summer ender party! #IfeelOld

  13. Jhanis

    25 May

    Naguol ko wa ko kaadto. Last chance to see Udbandub hehehe

  14. Hanna Frej

    26 May

    sayanga jd naa koi work ato nga time.. wa jud ko kaadto huhuhu

  15. Jazmine

    27 May

    La ka nice unta ani oi. Wala jud ko ka.attend pero sige lang. next time.

  16. Nice and fun event! Well, anything summer and beach event is perfect! Plus, Ipanema is an excellent brand talga!

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