Luwag Native Seafood Grill: Must Try Cebuano Comfo...

Luwag Native Seafood Grill: Must Try Cebuano Comfort Food

I am a Filipino and I love to eat!

Do you even know a single Filipino who doesn’t love to eat?

And what do Filipinos love to eat?

Comfort food!

That’s what the owners of Luwag Native Seafood Grill  had in mind when they had their soft opening last June 28, 2015.

They want to offer Cebuano dishes with a twist, bring comfortable dining experience and make customers happy!

Luwag Native Seafood Grill

How Luwag Native Seafood Grill Came To Be

Romel Pia learned the art of cooking from his mother and grandmother in their Basak, Pardo ancestral house.

He started working as a service crew in various fast food chains and renowned restaurants in Cebu.

He finished the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management.

But Pia’s heart is set upon his passion; cooking!

“Gamay pa ko, even back in my elementary days, sige nako og luto kay hilig man akong mama og akong lola ug luto. Mao to na ako maoy ila paluto-on sa uban’g sud-an like humba and pansit,” shared Pia.

So when he met Leonhardt Cabahug, an experienced businessman, things couldn’t get more perfect.

Romel Pia and Leonhardt Cabahug met through a common friend.

They have shared interests and passion in cooking and eating good food.

Eventually, the idea of Luwag Native Seafood Grill was born!

Chef Romel Pia (right) is joined in the kitchen with his cooking partner, Chef Alex.

Luwag Native Seafood Grill: Must Try Choices On Their Menu


Lechon Sisig is a wonderful new way of serving lechon; as a sisig!

Chicken Wings, mapapa-tiktilaok ka sa sarap!



Pancit Canton Guisado is one of my favorites among the bestsellers.

Unlike the other pancit cantons served in other restaurants, it doesn’t have a bitter after taste.

Gitono-ang Lambay makes anybody who loves tono (me) and crabs (me) drool for more!

Chef Pia gives Binago-ongang Baboy a twist by placing it on top of a grilled eggplant.

I love it!

Ensaladang Ampalaya is not blanched and just cooked in vinegar and topped with dilis to complement the taste!

Pinakbet Con Lechon Kawali is Chef Pia’s take on pinakbet but taken on a higher level with lechon kawali.

I think only those with allergies to seafood wouldn’t enjoy Shrimp With Garlic.

The Ribs are meaty goodness on top of a banana leaf!

Chef Pia nailed it!

His Crispy Pata is something that any Filipino would love to eat.



The bounties of the sea mixed with the staple food of Filipinos, Seafood Rice couldn’t get any better than that!



Kinason Sa Butong has buko juice which makes it sweet and it doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste too!



Otap Mango Float was a beautiful accident.

Chef Pia and his family were making mango float and when they checked the fridge, there were no Graham Crackers available.

There were otap though.

They tweaked the usual recipe and viola!

We have mango float with a flaky texture thanks to otap!

I like budbod but mix it with chocolate syrup, peanuts, banana, and ube ice cream?

I’m going to love it!

Budbod Ala Mode a perfect dessert after every meal!



Lemon Grass a drink that will help digest all the yummy food you eat.

It’s very refreshing too!

It has two things I love in drinks; lemons and cucumber!

Make sure to order Cucumber Lime if you love the two.


How Can You Enjoy The Sumptuous Dishes of Luwag Native Seafood Grill?

Feel free to try out their bestsellers by visiting them in Mactan.

  • Address: Gaisano Island Mall, Mactan, Lapu Lapu City
  • Contact Number: 0916-601-1995 or 0925-505-5894

The restaurant is 60 square meters big and can accommodate as much as 70 persons.

To get updates from Luwag Native Seafood Grill, check out their website and Facebook page.

“Luwag is a magical wand in disguise used by our moms to serve us good food. And suddenly this Luwag turned itself into a place to answer your cravings,” Pia enthused.

Now that you’ve seen the bestsellers, which of the dishes are you going to try on your first visit to Luwag Native Seafood Grill?


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