Have You Tried These 4 Menu Choices in Joeds Luton...

Have You Tried These 4 Menu Choices in Joeds Lutong Hapon?

Craving Japanese food but tight on the budget? Then head on to Joeds Lutong Hapon for affordable Japanese cuisine with a taste that’s truly Filipino.

For starters, you might want to order the same menu choices we had.

Joeds Lutong Hapon

Joeds Lutong Hapon’s Tataki Salmon Php 175

This is my new favorite in Joeds. It is a very tasty appetizer. I just love the combination of sweet salmon meat and savory sauce in every bite!

Joeds Lutong Hapon's Tataki Salmon

Joeds Lutong Hapon’s Mixed Sushi Php 180

I always order sushi when I go to Joeds. Don’t compare its taste to the sushis of authentic Japanese restaurant because Joeds is a Japanese restaurant with a Filipino taste.

You may not know it but its old name is actually Joeds Carenderia and that alone will explain the overall taste of their food.

Joeds Lutong Hapon's Mixed Sushi

Joeds Lutong Hapon’s Spicy Seafood Canton Php 150

I expected it to be spicy but it was just okay. Not bad for a pancit canton over the price of one hundred pesos.

Joeds Lutong Hapon's Spicy Seafood Canton

Joeds Lutong Hapon’s Mixed Fruits Ice Cream Php 75

It’s as simple as it sounds. Sliced mangoes and watermelon are topped with 2 scoops of ice cream. You get to choose the ice cream flavor and it depends on what’s available. We chose mango ice cream.

Joeds Lutong Hapon's Mixed Fruits Ice Cream


Joeds Lutong Hapon Contact Details

  • Address: Main branch is located at President Quirino Street, Cebu City (right across Sarrosa Hotel). They also have another branch right across in APM Mall (right across SM City Cebu).
  • Contact Numbers: 0943-570-7419
  • Opening Hours: 11:00 AM to 5:00 AM daily
  • Email Address:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


I bet you’re already drooling! I can’t blame you because as I was writing this blog, I was also salivating! Hahaha!

Now that you already saw what we ordered on our last visit, which Joeds Lutong Hapon menu choice in here do you think tastes the best?

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  1. Christoeffer John

    2 May

    For real? Barato ra lagi kayo ila Mixed Sushi! Naglaway ko da. Panlibri Shanks 😛

  2. Im a huge fan of Joed’s because of their affordable Japanese meals. But I have to say, I haven’t tried any of the dishes listed here. I will make it a point to order these when I get the chance to visit them again. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. These are awesome, affordable Japanese foods! Will check out soon.

  4. Kat

    4 May

    Sige jud kog balik2 diri, mostly sa ako natilawan kay mga roll, maki, sushi, and sashimi. Mubalik pako para matilawan tanan! Hahaha

  5. I like eating here but it has been a while. Congratulations on surviving another hibster season shanky baby !

  6. I always order mixed shushi here. Pero is it just me or kamo pod, dugay keu ma serve ang food uyp…mamuti akong mata ug hinuwat labi na ng ako ra usa mo eat dere . #single

  7. Henry

    15 July

    Oh no! there is no branch in Manila, sayang but thanks for sharing, natakam ako 🙂

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      2 October

      It’s okay Henry. I bet maraming Japanese restos diyan na masarap magluto. When you’re here in Cebu, you might want to visit Joed’s.

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