Interesting Cebuano Personalities On Twitter

Interesting Cebuano Personalities On Twitter

I love browsing on Twitter for interesting tweets.

Any account that makes me think, laugh, or sentimental is worth my following.

Aside from foreign Twitter accounts, I also find Cebuano Twitter users very interesting.

I can easily relate to their posts because most of it were written in Bisaya.

Here are just some of them.

Interesting Cebuano Personalities On Twitter

Cebuano Personalities On Twitter That I Followed


Sinugbang Sugbo

His tweets are just hilarious!

Take my word for it!


Medyo Maldito

If you enjoy reading hugot Tweets or watching hugot videos, you’re going to love his Twitter account for sure!


Insoy Niñal

Just like Sinugbang Sugbo and Medyo Maldito, I love Insoy’s combination of laughable Tweets with quotes that will make you think pretty pretty deep.


Carlo Borromeo

I consider him a Cebuano Personality because he is CEO of his company, a loving husband to his wife, an awesome dad to his kids, and a passionate rock star!

He may sound sarcastic to you, but I do enjoy reading his Tweets a lot.

Even his political opinions are downright funny!


Cebuano Conyo Boy

What you see is what you get; a Cebuano, a conyo, and a boy!


Estoryang Bisaya

This account makes you laugh at the trials and trivials of Cebuano life.


Bisaya Quotes

I just can’t get enough of funny quotes!


Banat Bisaya

If you want more fun, he’s in to provide all the pun!


There you have it!

Did you enjoy reading the Tweets?

I had a great time rereading it and I hope you had a great time too!

Now that you are aware of their Twitter accounts, are you going to follow them?

I sure hope you do!

There’s always room for more comedy in our lives!


“Interesting Cebuano Personalities On Twitter” is my 25th entry for The CBC 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#iBlogForCBC #iBlogForCebu #CBClevelUP #30DayBloggingChallenge).


  1. John

    28 October

    They’re all funny. These could be my banat to my friends haha

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