Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Lets You D...

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Lets You Discover The Favorite Dishes Of Our National Heroes

On June 12, 2015, we celebrated the 117th anniversary of our independence.

Our ancestors fought hard for it.

We are very lucky that we’re born in a time of peace, aren’t we?

We all know that Jose Rizal used the pen, Apolinario Mabini used his brains, Andres Bonifacio used the bolo, and Juan Luna used the paint brush.

But aren’t you wondering what helped keep them going during the days of revolution?

What were the dishes that fueled their bodies to attack our oppressors or care for the wounded and sick?

You don’t have to go to the library and open dusty old books because Marco Polo Cebu has done the research just for you!

If you want to know the favorite dishes of our national heroes, you are going to love the Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu!

So, what are the sumptuous dishes that you are going to enjoy?

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu

I used to eat camote chips during afternoon snacks.

Whenever I’m in Bohol, I’d make lambing to my lola to cook me some chips.

Then I’d eat it while watching some afternoon soap operas.

When I had the chance to taste camote chips again, it brought back wonderful memories of my childhood days.

I’m sorry lola but Marco Polo’s camote chips are the bomb!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Camote Chips

Camote Chips

Whenever you have cough or colds, do people often tell you to have some chicken soup?

It does help us recuperate faster.

But as for me, I don’t want to get sick just to eat chicken soup.

I wanna eat it when I wanna eat it!

If it’s lunch and I’m craving for rice, perfect na combination ang Tinolang Manok!

I super duper love it when it’s filled with lots of sayote and malunggay leaves.

Just to let you know, this is Jose Rizal’s favorite dish.

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Tinolang Manok

Tinolang Manok

As a kid, I didn’t like batong but when I grew up, I was surprised because I came to love it.

Lagyan ng konting meat slices at spices, I might be ordering another cup of rice to finish the entire Batong Guisado dish!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Batong Guisado

Batong Guisado

I have never tried Morcon until June 10, 2015.

No wonder it’s a favorite among lots of Filipinos.

Masarap nga talaga siya!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Morcon


I am a seafood fanatic and I know it!

Leave a plate full of crabs and I’ll finish it all by myself!

Add some gata, oh oh oh!

I might need you to cook another caldero of rice!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Crab Relleno

Crab Relleno

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Ginataang Alimasag

Ginataang Alimasag

Who doesn’t love Kare Kare?

Just add bagoong and mapapa-extra rice ka talaga sa sarap!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Kare Kare

Kare Kare

I seldom eat Fish Kinilaw and whenever I do, I make sure that it’s fresh and it’s delicious!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Fish Kinilaw

Fish Kinilaw

Whenever we need a meaty but healthier alternative to lechon baboy, Lechon Manok will always come to mind.

Why not?

It’s so yummy, Andres Bonifacio made it his number one favorite dish!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Lechon Manok

Lechon Manok

And for dessert, not to be left out is gorgorio.

It’s a dough shaped into circles and baked into crunchy perfection.

It’s perfect when you dip it in yema or chocolate sauce!

Independencia Buffet of Marco Polo Cebu Gorgorio


I bet you are already craving to taste these goodies now!

Give in and indulge Marco Polo Cebu’s special buffet for June, Independencia: A Tribute to Filipino Heroes.

Aside from the ones I showed above, these are some of the dishes you can also enjoy:

  • inun-unan na isda
  • boiled camote with ginamos dip
  • tinapatinapol na rice
  • kakanin
  • gabi and banana in sticks
  • Maja Trio, cassava cake
  • Kardava saging (grilled banana)
  • Tres Dulce de Leche
  • and more

How To Avail Independencia Buffet Of Marco Polo Cebu

It is available during lunch and dinner at the famous Cafe Marco.

Available only from June 11 – 20, 2015.

You can make reservations by calling (032) 253-1111 local 8353.

For more information about the Independencia buffet, hotel accommodation, and other special promos, make sure to follow Marco Polo Cebu’s social media accounts:

Find out what Juan Luna, Apolinario Mabini, Emilio Aguinaldo, and Emilio Jacinto’s favorite dishes were before it’s too late!

What dish in the Independencia Buffet Of Marco Polo Cebu are you going to try first?


  1. Anne

    14 June

    Gorgorio will fit a sweet tooth like myself! I like the concept of this buffet. 🙂

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Me too Anne! I love the fact that they took time to research the favorite dishes of our national heroes. In fairness, lami ang gorgorio. Mura siyag doughnut tan-awon pero biscuit siya na mura og pineapple slice kadak-a. Lami kung isagol nimo ang yema og chocolate dip. Lingaw kay nagsagol man ilang lasa. ^_^

  2. Emjae Fotos

    14 June

    Wow..those are mouthwatering photos and really pinoy dishes.. I love tinolang manok as well as that great person too. #wazzupdoc 🙂

  3. caloyolano

    14 June

    Kalami! It’s been a while since I ate Morcon and a lot of dishes are my favorite. Next year, I will definitely check it out. 😉

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Hi Sir Carlo! I am not sure if they will be doing the same line of dishes for Independence Day but I am sure lami jud ilang i-serve na food, as always! ^_^

  4. na shock ko… daghanag food porn oi gigutom na hinoon ko! hahahaa I have heard they have themed buffets but I can’t seem to get the timing right do you know the frequency that they do this?

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Depende sa season ilang mga buffets Iggy. Basta every year, naa jud na silay buffet for Independence Day, Sinulog, and other special occasions. ^_^

  5. Janine

    15 June

    Waaah kalami ani oi! Agree ko ni Anne! I was drooling over Gorgorio!!!

  6. mashleyuy

    15 June

    Gigutom naman hinuon kog binasa, Chanel! haha Everything looks so delish! AND THE CRAB! MMMMM! Time to call my family hahaha

  7. Wow! lami ra jud ni ai. I hope I still have enough extra money to go and splurge on this heavenly feast. Hala ha. I didn’t know Andres Bonifacio loves Lechon Manok! Grabe! What the H are our history teachers teaching us back at school?! I just don’t think this was added to our curriculum man jud oi! When history meets food porn, grabe gigutom ko!

  8. Nagbasa ko ani wala pay panihapon and now alam na unsa akong gibati. Huhu All time favorite jud ang tinolang manok and crab ughh. Ate, Gorgorio ba, some sort of a doughnut na sya? 🙂

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Biscuit na siya Lou. Ang porma lang niya murag pineapple slice kadak-a. Tungod siguro sa yema og choco dip mao murag doughnut tan-awon. ^_^

  9. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    15 June

    It looks like you celebrated well. Look at all the amazing food you ate 🙂

  10. OMG everything looks so good! And the culinary experience has cultural/historical value, too! This is a wonderful dining concept 🙂 I experienced one like this back in Gabii sa Kabilin (in 2013, I think), there was a stop that recreated Rizal’s favorite food.

  11. This is very interesting! I had no idea about any of this, and it was wonderful to read all about this history through food!

  12. Jaime

    15 June

    Kare Kare is the Best!! My Favorite!! takam na takam na ako hehe..

  13. mistyharms2

    15 June

    Ah I have never tried this before. It looks so yummy! I will be storing this away for future use.

  14. mykidsguide

    15 June

    Everything looks delicious. I want to taste the camote chips and that Gorgorio looks mouth watering.

  15. Those dishes looked so interesting. I bet they were enjoyed.

  16. Everything looks so delicious I want to take a trip around the world! With these recipes I can do that and not leave my house!

  17. Michelle Hwee

    16 June

    That food looks great! 🙂 Ahh 🙂 I’ve always loved buffets! It’s fun to learn about different cultures and food!

  18. janraymond

    16 June

    Omg, all this looks delicious

  19. I don’t really like fish but this looks delish!

  20. Elizabeth O.

    16 June

    The food looks delicious. I would love to try that dessert.

  21. Carlo

    16 June

    Dahil dyan,…Busog ang tiyan pati na ang kaalaman

  22. R U S S

    16 June

    One thing I love Marco Polo is that they always have great food and the idea of the Independencia Buffet is a good way to pay tribute to our heroes. BTW, the Kare-Kare looks divine!

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Yes Russ. They always find ways to make their buffets interesting. Hay naku! Kapag nilagyan mo na ng bagoong ang kare kare, talagang mapapa-give in ka sa sarap! ^_^

  23. Franc Ramon

    16 June

    I need the chicken soup here as I’ve been struggling with coughs and colds lately. They have a lot of great dishes here.

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Lalo na ngayon na tag-ulan na. Ang sarap kumain ng tinolang manok. Favorite pa naman ito ni Jose Rizal! ^_^

  24. Whenever I see these kind of dishes, it really reminds me of the food/cuisines in the province. It’s nice that Marco Polo Cebu focused in serving our own dishes rather than international dishes for the buffet. 🙂

  25. Jojo Vito

    16 June

    yeey, celebrating Independence day with food is really great..oh, it been a while since my last stay at Marco Polo, I simply love the view from the Hotel….

  26. Everything looks really delicious! {It’s making me hungry–haha!}

  27. Oh wow. I want to taste everyone of those dishes.

  28. Janice

    17 June

    Wow, such yummy looking food. I’m salivating over the crabs, both the relleno and ginataang versions. Love them!

  29. Noah

    17 June

    Nice to have an opportunity to read a little about your country’s history. The foods look delicious as well. thanks for sharing

  30. seftiburcio

    17 June

    Morcon dish looked different than the commercialized ones. I wanted to visit the place and experience all the food!! 🙂

  31. theresa

    17 June

    Mouthwatering dishes. That Ginataang alamasag is making me drool!

  32. Everything looks good, especially if you’re a Pinoy food lover! If the chef at Marco Polo Cebu is anything like the chef in their Davao hotel, then I bet all of that would be so delicious.

  33. Samantha C.

    18 June

    This just made my mouth water! Cebu has so much to offer, I’m glad I’ll finally make it there this August!

  34. Kakagutom naman. Hindi ko alam tuloy ang una kong lalantakan. Perhaps the Batong Guisado, never ko pang natikman yan.

  35. I am after the crab cakes, looks truly delicious. Actually all the food looks delish!

  36. Nova

    18 June

    If ever I’ll get the chance to visit this place, would definitely come back to your blog to see all those dish you recommended.

  37. Everything looks delicious and interesting! I don’t know a couple of the dishes but I wanna try them.

  38. kiatCebu

    18 June

    Wow, lami-a ani oi. I hope the food taste as authentic as the lutong bahay. Dad-a ko diri beh, palihug lang, galaway ko.

  39. Tinolang manok and batong guisado are the best for me! Fave din yan ng kids ko! Hmm, next year, we are set to visit Cebu- my gosh, parang gusto ko nlng i-reschedule to next week! 🙂

  40. michelle co

    19 June

    I love seafoods and the minute i saw the crab relleno and kinilaw, i so wanna run and try the the buffet.

  41. Jen

    19 June

    Would love to check this out the next time we go visit Cebu. 🙂

  42. We’ve been to Cebu, but we’ve never been to Cafe Marco. Next time we visit, we’ll make sure to drop by this lovely restaurant. thanks for the heads-up!

  43. Carlo

    22 June

    Ang daming pagkain neto. Astig pa ang konsepto, Siguradong gaganahan ka.

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