Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relie...

Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites

Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Incense)

Every time there’s a painful throbbing sensation in your forehead, what headache relief does your hands reach out first? Do you immediately go for paracetamol, ibuprofen, or aspirin? I used to be like that, until I became a registered nurse.

Medical professionals can never go away with the truth behind pharmacokinetics. It’s in our freakin’ prospectus and we can’t practice our profession without being familiar with it.

As a student, my favorite headache relief is ibuprofen in liquid gel form. If my kit runs out of ibuprofen, I have no choice but to take paracetamol. But did you know that if you frequently take these kind of drugs, you might ruin your liver? Yes, even the seemingly harmless paracetamol is capable of doing that.

When I resigned, I decided to stop taking headache medication. I opted for healthier alternatives and so far, these are my favorites. By the way, I will be updating this blog every time I’ll find new favorites.

These are My Personal Headache Relief Favorites

Oryspa Rice Bran Meditation Balm

This was balm was introduced to me by Jeph of Kiat Cebu. He applied some of it in my forehead after an exhausting yoga session. It felt so cool after a few seconds and the smell? Heavenly!

The balm has a similar consistency of Vick’s Vaporub but less smoother in texture. The color is green. The great thing about this balm is it’s made of natural ingredients:

  • rice bran oil
  • pili oil
  • beeswax
  • rice bran wax
  • menthol
  • peppermint
  • orange oil
  • bergamot


I used to buy the 15 grams travel size containers (Php 85) but within a week, I run out of supply so I decided to buy the bigger container. It’s quite cheaper if you buy the bigger one.  This 50 grams balm is just Php 265 while the 120 grams is Php 850. This can be used as a stress relief too!

Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Rice Bran Meditation Balm) Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Rice Bran Meditation Balm)

Oryspa Peppermint Essential Oil

Any brand actually works fine but Oryspa is the one I’ve got right now. I just love how peppermint smells when I rub it in my hands and my forehead. It leaves a cool sensation that calms my nerves.

Although the instruction on the bottle says to put 2 to 3 drops per 50 mL of carrier oil (unscented rice bran oil) or put 2 to 3 drops on 20 mL of water for atomizer spray or burner and diffusers, I choose to take 2 to 3 drops and rub it on my hands then I inhale the vapors. It gives me a natural high which I personally think feels like inhaling cocaine or something. Hahahaha!

Just like the meditation balm, this can be a stress reliever too! If I am not mistaken, this one costs Php 195.

Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Peppermint Essential Oil) Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Peppermint Essential Oil)

Oryspa Incense

I love incense! It makes the entire room smell heavenly! So far, my favorite scents are rose, camphor, and sandalwood but the ones I’ve got now are vanilla, strawberry, apple, and camphor by Oryspa. Each packet is Php 25.

Aside from Oryspa, I buy my incense from an Indian shop in Mabolo. I forgot its name but I am planning to go back and order a lot of incense soon (and look for the name of the shop too).

Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Incense) Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (Oryspa Incense)

Take a nap or long sleep

Most of the time, I find it very hard to get a nap or go to sleep immediately without using the first 3 things mentioned above. Every time we have a headache, it means that something’s wrong with our body and the best way for our body to heal is to give it enough rest. However, if things don’t get better even after a long rest, you should go visit a doctor.

Healthier Alternatives: My Personal Headache Relief Favorites (nap or sleep)

My Thoughts About My Personal Headache Relief Favorites

I actually noticed that after resigning from the hospital, I began to have lesser headaches but around 3 years ago, I became more frequent. Looking back, I think it was due to my vitiligo.

If you are still not familiar with vitiligo, it’s a skin condition wherein the skin loses its pigment. That’s why I have lots of white patches all over my body.

A lot of people stare at me because of this and most of them think that it’s an-an. One to two years ago, people staring at me made me feel insecure but right now, I have emotionally accepted that I have this condition so I stare back at them with this on my mind, “What the heck are you looking at?”

Vitiligo may be or maybe not the reason why I had frequent headaches 3 years ago and I hope there will be more research about it. While searching on Google, I found this bit on eHealth Me about its correlation.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I bought everything because I love using and reusing these products.

This blog will be updated as soon as I will find new great stuff to share. Now that you’ve seen my list, I want to know what your headache relief favorites are!

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  1. Radysetgo

    13 November

    I don’t take medicines too if I know that I can bear the pain (char) because yeah, knew about the liver thing from my doctor. So what I usally do is take some water and try to sleep. Never used those ointments before, but sleeping works for me so I might just stick with that for now. Haha

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      13 November

      Whatever works for you Rady, keep it going. Wow! Good thing sleep works well for you. 🙂

  2. Jay

    15 November

    Been in stressful days lately, I want to try this. Hope this can relief a migraine. 🙁

  3. Anne

    16 November

    I need this! I hate headaches especially considering that our jobs often revolve around computer screens. Likewise, I love the smell of peppermint Chan. 🙂 | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      24 November

      IN less than 1 month, nahurot na ang peppermint sa diri nga photo! Hahahaha! Palit napud ko Anne! Humot kaayo sah?

  4. Rea

    16 November

    You might as well be the endorser of Oryspa Shanky! 🙂 I hate taking meds but sometimes when I really badly need to sleep or finish a task, I’ll pop a biogesic. It usually does the trick. But for minor headaches, I’m using the one my mom gave me – the AMO orange oil with negative ion. Works really well for almost all types of body pains even insect bites, stress, and loneliness (JK). But seriously, it’s been my go-to for now. I will try to look for Oryspa!

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      24 November

      Nagkataon lang nga bag-o ko nag-harbor didto after sueldo. Hahahahaha! Daghan pud ko lain brands gigamit. Will updatethe blog as soon as I have them. 🙂

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      24 November

      Asa paliton nang AMO orange oil with negative ion?

  5. Foureyed Laagan

    21 November

    I haven’t heard of balm and oil before. What I usually do when I’m having headache is drink lots of water or take a nap and sleep. Ohh I love sleeping hahaha. Bdw, does the oil omit some kind of smell? I’d love to have some in my pocket or in my office.

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      24 November

      Yes! It omits a peppermint aroma you have tasted when you ate chocolate peppermint coffee in Starbucks or cookies. Oh yes! Drinking lots of water works and sleep too!

  6. Hanna

    22 November

    I also have that balm! Si Jeph pd nag introduce nako hahhaa

  7. Thanks for these tips Channel! I can now finally deal with my headaches better! 🙂

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      24 November

      Hehehe! Natural alternatives lang. Para healthy si liver. 🙂

  8. Ramzy

    25 November

    Those balms seem like they’d do good! I would’ve loved having those at my disposal during my super-stressed times when I have too much to do because that’s when the headaches usually come in whether from sleep-deprivation or stress. But sleep has always been a good bet though. 🙂

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      25 November

      Kanang headache nimo Ramzy, signal na sa imong lawas nga nag-ingon, “Katolog na Ramzy!” Hehehe!

  9. Totem

    26 November

    In my case, having migraine is a nasty piece of work. I feel nauseated, my head hurts like it’s being pierced inside, and I’m photophobic. Ibuprofen usually does the work. I would not try this though. My nasal senses are pretty tough on me when I have migraines and even on very calm smelling fumes, it gets a lot worse. 🙁

  10. That balm introduced by Jeph is interesting. I’m reconsidering taking meds everytime I’m in pain na. Hahaha.

  11. Egan

    28 November

    Maybe, I need this during weekdays because it is my stressful days and I always suffered headache. (severe na ata to. lol!) because of work.That’s why I need to have a break every weekends. 🙂

  12. Great alternative list Shanky. What I usually do when I have headaches is sleep and drink lots of fluids (water most of the time) and it works for me. But for some cases that the pain is unbearable I would take medication especially when I’m in office. I will try your suggestions when i had serious headaches but hopefully not!

  13. Amazing, Shanks! But mostly I just sleep it off then I usually get better after. It’s your body’s way of telling you to take a break and take it slow, right?

  14. Marica

    2 December

    I am a sucker of pain relievers when it comes to headache and I know I know it is really bad for the health. Maybe I will try these healthier alternatives.

  15. Katherine

    5 December

    In my case, headaches always visit me every now and then and it literally ruins my entire day. When I’m in the office having one, I usually nap it off but it’s just 50% effective most of the time. My loved ones always tell me to go see a doctor because I might have some brain problems. Haha! I don’t even want to think about it.

  16. I hate drugs and pharmaceutical drugs, I don’t know why I really don’t take synthetic medicine for almost 7 years now. I only rely on water and go back to proper diet when I feel like I have headache and feeling well. I like the balm though, I used to have balm and white flower as my immediate remedy when I feel not good .

  17. Carlo Olano

    15 December

    Give me some for Christmas hahahaha. I never tried those but just like Pam, I just sleep it off.

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