Hannah Reyes’ Tips On How To Capture Instagr...

Hannah Reyes’ Tips On How To Capture Instagram-Worthy Pictures

Not all pictures are created equal.

Some of it are mediocre and some of it are worthy to be posted on Instagram.

To help you capture those kinds of pictures, Hannah Reyes, creative photographer of National Geographic, gave us 3 tips that we can apply.

Hannah Reyes' Tips On How To Capture Instagram-Worthy Pictures


1. Get Close

Since smartphones are light enough to be carried around almost anywhere, Hannah told us not to be afraid to come very close to the subject of our photo.

If you are planning to capture macro shots, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is capable of capturing good images even range of focus is very near.


2. Experiment

Capturing photos before were very expensive.

You’d have to buy a camera, buy film, and have your pictures developed afterwards.

You can never tell if you’ve captured nice pictures or it is exposed until it is developed.

Not anymore!

Capturing pictures nowadays are not limited to DSLR or digital cameras only.

The advent of smartphones has become a handy and convenient way of documenting almost everything in our lives; from selfeet to selfie!

So don’t be afraid to experiment.

Try to capture moments on low light conditions.

Try to photograph the stunning panoramic view of a sunset on the beach.

Try to photograph different angles of your favorite food.


3. Practice

If you want the power of a DSLR camera on a smartphone, you’d be wise to use the Lenovo Vibe Shot.

Hannah Reyes herself has been capturing stunning imagery using it.

The Lenovo Vibe Shot gives you the feel of using a DSLR camera because it has infrared autofocus capability, manual shutter button, pro/auto toggle switch, OIS and rear camera and natural night time shot.

No wonder Hannah has been keen on practicing her photography skills using it!


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