eSTRAT Media Launches DigitalPro Bootcamp for Prof...

eSTRAT Media Launches DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers

For the past few weeks, or even months, I haven’t been doing much with blogging.

I had tons of work to do.

I went on a vacation but was still working (that’s a life of a freelancer).

I got really really sick after that too.

Thank God because things are getting better now.

I took much needed rest and thought about what I should do about my life.

Now that Chinese New Year’s fast approaching, I felt like I should renew my love for writing stuff.

That’s why I decided to join eSTRAT Media’s DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers.


What is DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers?

DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers is a seminar-workshop that was organized and designed by eSTRAT Media for Cebu Blogging Community, and was made possible with the help of Global Hub Executive Suites and Globe Prepaid.

The aim of the bootcamp is to help “Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) members become professional bloggers, we are organizing a 10 hour blogging session-workshop to turn their blogs into an online brand for business and advocacy.”

eSTRAT Media Launches DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers


What are the goals of DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers?

  1. Grow the community to become a network of blog brands more than an organization of bloggers.
  2. Assist bloggers in improving their blogs to become a blog brand
  3. Assist bloggers in becoming topic experts of their chosen niche by (1) writing expertly written content and (2) launch relevant campaigns.
  4. Assist bloggers in finding ways to make their blogs and the blogging lifestyle sustainable.


What do I feel about the DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers?

I feel really excited about it because I think the bootcamp will help boost my blogging career (hahaha career kuno).

Aside from that, it will be cool to hear what the experienced bloggers have to share.

The program has cool sessions at hand:

  • The Psyche of a Professional Blogger
  • Amateur to Influential Blogger
  • The Professional Blogger Lifestyle
  • Sustainable Blogging Lifestyle

The bootcamp will officially start later!

You’ll be hearing stuff about it from me and the rest of the participants through their blogs.

Be sure to check out my blog every week to hear about it!

Join the conversation by using the hashtags:

  • #iBLOGforCEBU
  • #MyGlobeLifestyle
  • #CebuProBloggers

Hey, are you interested to join the DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers?


  1. Hanna

    14 February

    Mao diay murag namingaw kadiyot ang CBC. Na yayay diay ka Shankybabes. Hehe. I wanted to join the bootcamp but I had a lot of work to do that day. Tsk tsk

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Hi Laagan Nga Bata! Hehehehe! Pirting yayay uy! As in 1 week ko nasakit tapos puro lugaw ako eat. It’s okay Hannah kay I am sure maghimo napud sila og second batch. Nice gyud ang program. I want other CBC bloggers to join it soon. As in! Di mo magmahay na niapil mo! 🙂

  2. Super Shanky — mura ra man ug wala!

    And also I’m so glad I joined the bootcamp. So many things to learn!

  3. Rea

    15 February

    Hope you feel better na Channel! I also hope to join the next round of bootcamp if naa pa. I wasn’t able to join coz I’m not in Cebu. 🙁

  4. Cheryl F.

    16 February

    I hope makajoin ko sa second batch. Crossing fingers on that. Read posts from other participants too. And it really is helpful and informative.

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Just make the time lang gyud sa first and last meeting kay the rest is live chat ra man. ^_^

  5. rica

    17 February

    huhu too bad i wasn’t able to attend this workshop, i need this but good thing cbc bloggers had shared what they have learned and shared it on their blogs. I have seen your newsfeed, it seems nag.enjoy jud kaayo ka sa imong vacation 🙂 Thanks for sharing shanky 🙂

    Rica |

  6. viajeracebuana

    26 February

    Hopefully there will be another schedule to entice more bloggers to join this. Pass sa ko ani shanky kay mu lupad ko sa lain dapit sa kalibutan. mas maau pud ni nga ma joinan sa uban. I need this but however, di kaya sa schedule. 🙁 Kaloka!

  7. Ian Fuentes

    1 March

    Now am excited for the next Bootcamp sessions! Yay!

  8. Waaaaaaah!! I would really love to join this camp but I was too busy. I think my first quarter of the year is always busy. Thank you Chan for sharing your thoughts. Hopefully, there is a next time. 😀

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