Digital Nomad’s Delight: Globe MyFi (Globe 4...

Digital Nomad’s Delight: Globe MyFi (Globe 4G Mobile WiFi)

It was 2012 when I became a digital nomad.

I resigned from my job as a contractual nurse in a well-known government hospital in Cebu.

Workload was mind-blowing, pay was comparable to something you hate when stepped upon by your shoe, and a lot of people were bullying me.

After more than 2 years, I finally had enough.

I told myself, “This is a BIG joke! I don’t deserve this nonsense.”

Don’t get me wrong because working as a nurse is actually very fulfilling but if the stress that you get when all of the 3 things I mentioned earlier are combined, it’s not worth it.

So fresh from freedom, I had a lot of free time but I did not know what to do with my life.

I was a slacker for a couple of months until one day, while I was browsing through Facebook, I saw my friend’s younger sister posting something about a blogging community in Cebu.

It triggered my curiosity so I decided to give the community a try because I like reading blogs and I love to write (especially when I am overwhelmed with feelings — charot!).

That’s how I became a blogger.

How The Nurse Turned Slacker Turned Digital Nomad Knew About Globe MyFi

I’ve got the Cebu Blogging Community and Globe Prepaid to thank for that.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I joined eStrat Media’s DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers.

Why did I join it?

It has been 3 years since I joined the blogging world and I realized that I have been doing it like a hobbyist.

Three years is more than enough time to figure out how to earn from blogging and make it a full time job but no, I stayed on my comfort zone.

But enough is enough!

It’s time to grow and learn new stuff together with great friends.

Globe Prepaid sponsored the DigitalPro Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers which was exclusive only to members of the Cebu Blogging Community (yeeeeeeey!).

Part of the sponsorship was getting awesome digital nomad essentials like:

  • Globe MyFi (Globe Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi)
  • Globe Prepaid SIM
  • Republika ng TM Prepaid SIM

The aim of the bootcamp is to help “Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) members become professional bloggers, we are organizing a 10 hour blogging session-workshop to turn their blogs into an online brand for business and advocacy.”

During the February 5 orientation, we were given specific tasks to carry out.

With the help of Globe Prepaid’s sponsorship, especially the Globe MyFi, we would be able to accomplish everything and eventually graduate from the program.

Isn’t that great?


#MyGlobeExperience: Globe MyFi Review

The Look

  • The device we received was white with crescent streaks of purple and orange.
  • The edges are curved and the entire device comfortably fits the palm of my hand.

The Specifications

  • Access Tech: HSPA+ / HSPA / UMTS
  • Max Download Speed: 21.6 Mbps
  • Interface: MicroUSB, supporting USB 2.0 High Speed
  • System Requirements / Supporting OS: (1) Windows XP SP3, (2) Windows Vista SP1 / SP2, Windows, (3) Windows 8 (Does not support Windows RT), (4) Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 with lates upgrades

The Performance

Just to inform you, I am not a tech blogger.

My review about the performance of the Globe MyFi (Globe 4G Mobile WiFi) will only be about my experience of using it for more than 1 week.

Setting up the device is pretty easy.

If you know how to read, it will be a breeze, but it wouldn’t hurt if you’ll ask assistance from your tech savvy friends (because it’s a lot easier than reading the manual).

So that the device will work, you need to insert a Tattoo SIM and battery .

After closing the back cover, you can turn it on.

Connect your mobile device to the WiFi connection by entering the default Service Set Identifier or SSID and the wireless network encryption key.

If you’re wondering where it can be found, just take a look at the back cover of your device.

Once your mobile device has made a connection, open a browser and key in “http:” on the address box.

Log in on the Tattoo interface by typing the username and password which is “admin.”

Then that’s it!

You can start using the internet!

What can I say after using the Globe MyFi for more than 1 week?

In my line of work (I’m a social media manager), I just need to be connected to my email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, some websites, Google Drive, and Telegram.

To my surprise, Globe MyFi can deliver it if I am using my iPad mini and Android smart phone.

But I find it difficult if I am using my laptop.

I have no idea why it works faster on mobile devices but upon reading Hey Missadventures’ review of the Globe MyFi, this problem can be addressed.

Although, may I point out that connectivity with the laptop is much faster when I connect the pocket WiFi directly, via LAN, instead of using wireless connection. Maybe that trick will do the same for you?

I’ll try this next week when I’m back to Cebu.

And hey!

The battery life of the device is great too!

It can last for more than 4 hours (next time, I’ll find out exactly how long the power of my Globe MyFi would last)!

What’s My Globe MyFi Verdict?

I would highly recommend you to purchase the Globe MyFi (Globe 4G Mobile WiFi).

After using it for more than 1 week, my connection was always within the 3G (382 kbps) to HSDPA+ (12 mbps).

Not bad at all!

We can thank the fact that Globe is the largest 4G network in the country.

For just Php 1,495.00, you can already get the connectivity you deserve.

Why don’t you give it a try?

Trust me!

Globe MyFi is worth it!

Join the online conversation by using the hashtag #MyGlobeExperience.

DISCLAIMER: Globe Prepaid gave the Globe MyFi (Globe 4G Mobile WiFi) device and 5 GB worth of data to us for free but the review is entirely my own opinion.

  1. viajeracebuana

    26 February

    Great to know nga kusug ang connection ana shanky. action ko ug kabalaka sa akong isa ka wifi “LTE” device kay pwerting hinaya. 🙁 I might switch to Globe soon.

  2. Anne

    28 March

    Hmmm this device doens’t sound bad at all. Kelangan raba dyud kaayo ni basta mag-blog labaw na ug walay service ang imo stayhan.

  3. I’ve been hopping from one WiFi device to another. As a matter of fact, I’ve tried them in different occasions but none of them satisfies me. Hopefully this Globe MyFi is better than the others. Knowing that the price is really affordable, I might try it out too. Thanks Chan for the honest review. 😀

  4. Guy

    29 March

    The call if a 4G pocket wifi but it is in fact 3G. A dirty little trick to get more money out of consumers.

  5. Hanna

    29 March

    I have one of this. I love Globe because of their fast connectivity but I hate the data cap. 🙁 My online work requires lots of download that’s why I switched to SmartBro. But if I ever get to have a project that doesn’t require lots of download, I would most certainly use Globe MyFi. The speed is really reliable.

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