Craft Box: A Handcraft Enthusiast’s Dream Co...

Craft Box: A Handcraft Enthusiast’s Dream Come True

Don’t you just love arts and crafts?

I know I do!

But don’t you just hate it when crafting tools and supplies are hard to find and if it is available, it doesn’t come cheap?

Well, thank God for this kind of frustration because an idea was born.

Four young women collaborated to cultivate a community of passionate people who love crafts and handmade arts.

That’s how the Craft Box came to life!

The Craft Box Philippines

What is Craft Box?

Craft Box is the very first craft kit subscription in the country.

It is also the Manila’s newest neighborhood workshop.

The founders of Craft Box believes that ordinary stuff becomes more special when handcrafted.

And for those who are interested to learn handcrafting, it’s never too late to learn it!

What can I learn from Craft Box?

There will be scheduled craft workshops which you can join.

They will be teaching you how to create industrial products like:

  • board model construction
  • wood
  • rubber molding
  • resin

After you will be able to learn the basics, you can start your own handcrafted product business if you want to!

Isn’t that great?

The Craft Box Party

The Craft Box Party

If you’re a crafty buddy and you know it, clap your hands!

You’ll be happy to know that Craft Box will be having their very first party on September 19 to 20, 2015.

It will be held at Pergola Mall, BF Homes, Paranaque City.

Who should join The Craft Box Party?

  • entrepreneurs
  • crafters
  • musicians
  • fashion-forward folks

During the party, you will be able to shop awesome stuff from your favorite online stores and even meet or greet celebrities or bloggers!

There will be fun games that you can join too.

What’s in store for you at The Craft Box Party?

  • handmade crafts
  • vintage finds
  • trendy clothes
  • paper cutting workshop
  • jewelry making workshop
  • string art workshop
  • and many more

During the party, there will be promos and freebies that will be given away.

It will be a weekend of fun, fun, and more fun!

If you are a merchant and you wanna join The Craft Box Party, you can direct your inquiries to:


**If you’ll confirm on or before August 15, 2015, they’ll be offering you special discounts and freebies!

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