Confessions Of A Beatlemaniac

I’m not going to hide it.

I am a Beatlemaniac and I love it!

But being a Beatlemaniac isn’t all about feeling high when seeing the Fab Four or melting upon hearing their songs.

It’s also about being ridiculed by those who don’t understand you.

Surprisingly, the people who had violent reactions about me being a Beatlemaniac are the one who are of the same age with The Beatles.

That’s something I could not understand.

Why don’t they love The Beatles the way like I do?

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you a stories about them.

I’m here to tell you stories on how I was ridiculed because of my fanaticism of The Beatles.

Beatlemaniac Blues

Working as a nurse in a government hospital wasn’t easy so every time I go to work, I always bring with me something that would make me smile or happy.

Salary is quite low and workload is enough to make you cry everyday (with suicidal ideation at times).

I couldn’t forget the time when there were only 2 nurses and 1 nursing aide on duty while the number of patients were almost 200.

I couldn’t begin to comprehend why patients and hospital staff deserve to experience something like this.

So you would understand if I’ll do anything to keep my sanity in balance, right?

I used to bring a photo frame with the pictures of The Beatles on it (naturally).

I’d place it near the Kardex if I am the charge nurse or near the medication area if I am the medication nurse.

I also keep all my office supplies inside a transparent box and it’s filled with photos of The Beatles too!

I usually place it near the photo frame too.

I also bring a jot down notebook and clipboard and yeah, it’s filled with images of the Fab Four (what did you expect?).

And my smartphone?

It kept on playing music by The Beatles (duh), especially on a graveyard shift.

Confessions Of A Beatlemaniac

So how did some of the people treat me because of it?

  • They used to back bite me and called me weird (it’s actually an honor to be called one because it’s boring to be normal).
  • Sometimes they think I worship the Fab Four because of the photo frame (Whaaaaaaat?!?! Seriously???).
  • I would keep on hearing these kind of reaction; “Duty napud si Chanel ron sah?!! (said in a sarcastic way – because they can hear the music playing on the background or they saw the photo frame or transparent box) or “Unsa man ni oi? Mao ni imong santos? (What the ____?).
  • I was summoned to the assistant head nurse’s office because our nurse supervisor made sumbong of me to her. I couldn’t forget what she told me. “Unsa man nang naa sa imong notebook, photo frame, og box? Mura man kag immature Chanel oi? Murag kag bata. Next time ha, dili nako ganahan makakita ana sa imong notebook.” (Hmmm… Okay. I allowed her to say those things because she is the type of person who does not want to be told about what you think. Oh my God! My notebook, photo frame and box does not affect the quality of work I give to my patients. In fact, it helps me establish rapport to them, especially to the patients in Psychiatric Ward. Ok Chanel! Hingang malalim! Hingang malalim! Inhale! Exhale! Sige, deadmaha na lang iyang gisulti. Ingon na lang og “yes” para mahuman ang istorya og mogawas na ka sa cuarto. Hahay!)

Oh my!

Napataas tuloy ang tabi ko!

Marami pa sana akong sasabihin kaso lang, nagsisikip ang dibdib kapag naiisip ko ang mga pinagdaanan ko.


I need to move on pa with regards to those memories.

This blog was written in response to the challenge set by Bjorn Bernales today.

The blog that has given me much happiness for the past 2 weeks was the blog I wrote for John Lennon on his birthday.

By the way, before I even enter the hospital, I played Woman, And I Love Her, and To Know Her Is To Love Her on my smart phone to wake up my senses to work.

Working with toxic people drains a lot of your energy but thanks to the patients and my helpful colleagues, I somehow survived hell on earth.

“Confessions Of A Beatlemaniac” is my 12th entry for The CBC 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#iBlogForCBC, #iBlogForCebu, #CBClevelUP, #30DayBloggingChallenge).


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