8 Things You Should Know About Coalition For Bette...

8 Things You Should Know About Coalition For Better Education

I bet when I’ll ask you what CBE means, you have no clue what to say.

Just to let you know, CBE means Coalition For Better Education and they are a group of teachers, professors, or concerned citizens that are committed to improve the quality of education in the Philippines.

Aside from the meaning of CBE, I also think most people really don’t have a clue of what it really is and what it does.

So if you’re currently dissatisfied with the kind of education our youth is receiving, I think it’s time for you and me to do something about it, right?

So first, we should arm ourselves with knowledge and find a group that’s dedicated for this cause.

1. Coalition For Better Education is a membership organization.

According to their Facebook page, “CBE is a multi-sectoral and membership-based non-stock, non profit organization committed to initiate and support education development and interventions in the Philippines.”

2. Coalition For Better Education’s membership is sectoral.

“CBE is composed of various education stakeholders from the academe, students, parents, government, non-government to business organization, the COALITION FOR BETTER EDUCATION believes in the vision: CREATING EMPOWERED LEARNING COMMUNITIES. We believe that only by creating and empowering communities to become learned wholistically will we be able to overcome ignorance and poverty in this country.”

3. Coalition For Better Education is already 14 years old!

CBE was founded on August 8, 2001.

4. Coalition For Better Education’s theme is “Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.”

It’s an extension to their mission, “Creating empowered learning communities.”

5. Coalition For Better Education needs more productive individuals.

Aside from teachers, CBE also needs students, media personnel, and concerned citizens who are committed to advocacy, research,
training and development, shared governance and institutional development.

6. Coalition For Better Education is Cebu’s best kept secret.

Did you know that CBE trains teachers to represent the Philippines in contests abroad?

Now you know!

7. Coalition For Better Education focuses on public schools.

40,000 are elementary schools and 7,000 high schools in the Philippines, majority of which are public schools.

6,000 of those schools don’t even have electricity.

Take for instance Limasawa.

Even after 500 years when Magellan landed there, some areas still have no electricity!

Mr. Tarayao even encountered an old man who has tasted a cold Coca-Cola for the first time after the school in their barrio finally had electricity.

“Mas masarap pala ang Coca-Cola kapag malamig.”

Isn’t it time for us not to take these kind of things for granted?

8. Coalition For Better Education is keen on making learning for students and their parents easier.

According to Mr. Tarayao, it’s easier to teach the kids than the parents.

So to make learning easier, CBE has thought of making something; flashcards!

They assigned 37 teachers to do this task.

Those teachers ended up making 350 flashcards with their students in 5 days!

Topics like electricity, science, recycling, and a whole lot more are being tackled in the flashcards.

They will be available online starting this August!

If you want to know more about CBE, you can visit them at their office or check out their website and Facebook page.

  • Address: G/F Arts and Sciences Bldg, Center for Teachers Excellence (CefTEx), Cebu Normal University Campus, 6000
  • Phone numbers: 032-4164625 to 26
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook page

To end this blog, let me share to you the most memorable quote I learned from Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao. “The poor people will not be emancipated until the rich people will share.”

So to make sure that the future generation will survive, we, the present generation should ensure that they will have enough food, water, power, and proper education!


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