CBC And PIA And PIA Goes To Siquijor!

Siquijor is known all over the Philippines as the mystical island that never fails to enchant us.

I always wanted to go to Siquijor for the longest time but I didn’t have the time and I didn’t have buddies who were available when I wanted to take a vacation.

Thanks to Cebu Blogging Community and Philippines Information Agency or PIA, my wish came true (it’s all expense paid too).

How To Go To Siquijor

There are many ways to reach the island.

You can either take a bus or take a boat ride.

We took the latter because it is the most hassle-way of reaching the island.

Our voyage schedule was October 27, 2015 7 PM.

Participants from CBC and PIA met at Cebu Pier 1 Terminal.

When it was boarding time, we were fetched by the bus and dropped off at the entrance of the ship.

Choose Cokaliong Shipping Lines if possible because their ships are very clean.

Even if your ticket is on the open deck spaces, you can have a comfortable chill time at the lounge area on the upper floor.

It’s air-conditioned and very near the canteen.

The lounge are was where we spent most of our time writing our 30 Day Challenge blogs and having funny conversations with one another. 

Why CBC And PIA Are Going To Siquijor

The trip is not just about having fun.

One of Cebu Blogging Community’s goal is to promote social good and that’s the main reason why PIA invited us to join their campaign.

It’s all about helping the local government units to promote local tourism and improving their microeconomics.

One of our tasks is to teach them what is blogging, why they should blog about Siquijor, and how to blog about it.

The challenging part here is, from what I’ve heard, internet connection in the island is limited to certain areas only.

So aside from teaching them blogging, the CBC bloggers will be looking for areas in the island with good internet connection (Oh Lord help us).

So far, those were the tasks that I have heard.

Oh, by the way, the local government units will also tell us the best that their communities can offer.

I can’t wait to hear them!

What Shanky Is Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to visiting famous tourist spots, learn the local culture, and meet very interesting people.

Since we came to Siquijor to help the LGUs, I will make sure that I will accomplish what is needed to be accomplished.

I also can’t wait to hit the beach because it’s been a while since my hair was soaked in brine.

I need an overdose of Vitamin Sea STAT (immediately)!

As for the results of our trip, I will be publishing it on my blog very soon so make sure to drop by and take a good look at it!

“CBC And PIA And PIA Goes To Siquijor!” is my 28th entry for The CBC 30 Day Blogging Challenge (#iBlogForSocialGood #SensationalSiquijor #iBlogForSocialGood #iBlogForCebu #iBlogForCBC #CBClevelUP #30DayBloggingChallenge).

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