Cardinal Coffea: Must-Try Pastries, Cakes, and Dri...

Cardinal Coffea: Must-Try Pastries, Cakes, and Drinks

Cardinal Coffea Boston Cream Pie Cake

Raise your hand if you love cake! I know I do. If you are familiar with Cardinal Bakeshop, I think you’ll probably rejoice at the fact that they finally opened a coffee shop late last year and they called it Cardinal Coffea.

Aside from their famous cheese bread and special ensaymada, they have more cakes, pastries, and drinks to offer now. Here are just some of the items that you should try!

Must-Try Menu Items in Cardinal Coffea


Special Ensaymada (Php 45)

Cardinal Coffea Special Ensaymada

Choco Mousse Tart (Php 45)

Cardinal Coffea Choco Mousse Tart

Chicken Quiche (Php 45)

Cardinal Coffea Chicken Quiche

Egg Tart (Php 45)

Cardinal Coffea Egg Tart

Yema Bun (Php 25)

Cardinal Coffea Yema Bun



Yema Cake (Php 90)

Cardinal Coffea Yema Cake

Truffle Cake (Php 100)

Cardinal Coffea Truffle Cake

Boston Cream Pie Cake (Php 120)

Cardinal Coffea Boston Cream Pie Cake



Matcha Green Tea (Pho 160)

Cardinal Coffea Matcha Green Tea

White Chocolate Dream (Pho 160)

Cardinal Coffea White Chocolate Dream

You can check out their menu for other choices and rates.


Cardinal Coffea Contact Details

  • Address: Cor. Don Jose Avila St and Don Gil Garcia St, Cebu City
  • Opening Hours: 7:00AM – 12:00AM daily
  • Contact Number: (032) 888-7658, (032) 262-3890, (032) 262-1729, (032) 253-3575, (032) 412-4562, (032) 888-7658
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

My Final Thoughts about Cardinal Coffea

Not all coffee shops in Cebu are great; if they have great drinks, their pastries are mediocre or vice versa. Cardinal Coffea has great drinks and great pastries and that is something we should all look for in a coffee shop.

My favorites in their coffee shop are the cheese bread, Special Ensaymada, Yema Cake, Truffle Cake, Boston Cream Pie Cake, yema bun, chicken pandesal, White Chocolate Dream, and Cappuccino.

How about you? What’s your favorite in Cardinal Coffea?

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  1. Emelie Empire

    17 April

    Kalami! I need sweets in my life hehehe.

  2. Rome Nicolas

    28 April

    Hala, kalami sa mga cake intawn ui!

  3. Leslie Lidot

    12 February

    Mouthwatering!! T.T ♥

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