Capdase Beat Soho Speaker: 8 Reasons Why You Shoul...

Capdase Beat Soho Speaker: 8 Reasons Why You Should Own One

I love music!

I bet you do too!

And we all know what’s best when we want to hear music, right?

We need a wicked speaker that packs a portable punch whenever and wherever we want to.

There are so many speakers in the market today and which of them should we even consider to buy?

I’d say it has to meet my criteria on:

  • affordability
  • durability
  • availability
  • sound quality

1. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker packs a power bass!

When I say it packs a power bass, it does have “da” bass!

Need evidence?

Thanks for the video Kiat Cebu!

The bass is so wicked that it’ll make your table shake or vibrate!

The speaker can even hop away from its original location, especially if the music you’re playing has a heavy bass.

Talk about wicked beats!

2. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker comes in 3 cool metallic colors.

It comes in red, black, and silver.

Since I was born on a Julian month, I prefer the red one.

3. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker is compact and portable.

With dimensions of 60 x 60 x 50 mm and weight of 230 g, it is compact and portable enough to be brought along with you during traveling or whenever you feel like hearing awesome music wherever you are!

4. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker works with Bluetooth capable devices and most smartphones.

It works well with my Windows laptop, Android cellphone, and iPad mini.

5. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker is made up of tough steel casing.

I want my stuff to last a long time and it’s steel case definitely makes the speaker more durable.

6. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker can also function as a hands-free microphone.

This is great news if the built-in microphone on your device is broken or not functioning well.

7. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker also has a 3.5. audio jack.

Just in case you don’t want to use the Bluetooth capability of the speaker, don’t fret.

You can always do it the old fashion way!

8. Capdase Beat Soho Speaker’s battery is long lasting.

Did you know that its charging time is just 2 hours but usage time is around 6 – 8 hours?

Not bad for a portable speaker, eh?

So what’s my say?

  • affordability – 4 out of 5 stars – It’s not cheap but it’s not that expensive either, considering the features you’ll get in a Php 3,500 speaker.
  • durability – 5 out of 5 stars – The case is made out of steel.
  • availability – 5 out of 5 stars – Available at Digital Hub, Capdase stores, Beyond the Box, Capdase Authorized Resellers, Digital Walker, and etc.
  • sound quality – 5 out of 5 stars – Me saying OMG is an understatement!

Capdase Beat Soho is definitely one wicked speaker!


  1. rochkirstin

    5 August

    I like the Capdase Beat Soho speaker because it’s compact and we can carry it everywhere. In my case, I can use it at home to listen to music and audio of videos and at the office while setting in a loudspeaker mode during a conference call.

  2. Franc Ramon

    5 August

    I like how speakers now are being more compact and also blue tooth capable. You can bring it anywhere with less hassle.

  3. Franc Ramon

    5 August

    I also like the colors of the speaker. They really stand out compared to others.

  4. This is so nice to have, I wish I could buy one right now.

  5. Bluedreamer27

    6 August

    for someone like me who loves to stream music a lot, this one is definitely very ideal.. for me, the most important feature that everybody should consider when buying a speaker is the battery life and also the bass support and this one got them both! thanks for sharing

  6. Elizabeth O.

    6 August

    This one is so small, but it looks powerful. My son would love this!

  7. tweenselmom

    6 August

    I like speakers with nice bass sound. Ayoko ng tunog lata 🙂 I’m going to check this out 🙂

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      I was surprised when I first heard the sound from the Capdase Beat Soho! You wouldn’t settle for anything less after trying it Sis! ^_^

  8. Ito pala yun. I’ve first seen and heard how this speaker perform doon sa pc ng niece ko. Makabili nga , since medyo ‘bingi’ na misis ko. Whah..

  9. Gosh! I would LOVE to own one of this speaker. Sounds like a very cool gadget to own.

  10. Jojo Vito

    6 August

    i want to have this speaker….this will come handy especially in a presentation for small groups or even in my class 🙂

  11. Ohhh- of course, everyone loves music! I cannot live without it! I will check this out! Plus, Bluetooth capable pa!

  12. Janice

    12 August

    I realized I have a speaker exactly like that red one! The only difference is that it has the name of a telecoms brand in front. I won it from their raffle last year. Haha! I haven’t used it yet though. I better do so now.

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    12 August

    I would use that so much. It would be perfect for when I am cleaning the house!

  14. Capdase Beat Soho is very compact. I like that you can bring it wherever you go.

  15. rachel Mouton

    13 August

    I may be a little obsessed with bluetooth speakers LOL This one looks amazing!

  16. Alli

    13 August

    I like the red one! I like that the speaker is small and can be carried anywhere. I’m thinking this would make a great gift, too.

  17. Shann Eva

    13 August

    Looks really cool, and I love it stays charged up for so long .Will have to look into this .

  18. These seem really nice…will investigate further! Thanks

  19. Honestly, before my uncle asked me to buy his bluetooth speakers, he bought something similar to this from a shop nearby. He showed me and it says Capdase too. But when we tried it, the sound was no where near a Capdase quality. We then realized he bought a fake.

    Capdase has good quality products and it is because of this that many are trying to imitate them. Research online how to distinguish a fake from an original. And if ordering online, be ready for whatever risk.

  20. Melissa

    13 August

    Wow! This sounds like a really good deal. It’s a bit pricy for a student like me but it looks worth it. I need this. Haha. 🙂

  21. Patty | MrsC

    13 August

    I love a good portable speaker. It’s so handy, especially on trips! Will keep this one in mind for when I need to buy a new one.

  22. seftiburcio

    13 August

    It is my first time hearing about Capdase and it captured my attention. If money will allow me, I will buy this ASAP!

  23. Elizabeth O.

    13 August

    So compact and I love that it has wires too aside from the usual blutetooth. This makes it more versatile and easy to use for different gadgets.

  24. Dogvills

    14 August

    This is perfect for music lovers like my son. He has a bigger one, but I’m sure he’d love to bring around a cute and small speaker like this.

  25. April Perez

    14 August

    Ohhh, I have one of this and it’s definitely something worth raving about.

  26. Sicorra

    14 August

    I so love all of these new tiny speakers. Years ago I had these super large speakers in my living room. Heck they were like another piece of furniture, and just as expensive. Now a person can have these cute small ones instead.

  27. Liz Mays

    14 August

    Those are good enough reasons for me! The portable size is really perfect for anyone.

  28. Franc Ramon

    14 August

    That’s what I call small but terrible. Definitely a must have.

  29. Jason Young

    18 August

    That looks like an awesome speaker: compact and good quality sound. Just what I need

    • Channel Marie Imperial

      Oh yes! I never settle for anything less than the Capdase Bluetooth Speaker nowadays. The sound quality is just awesome! ^_^

  30. Noah

    24 August

    They look so portable and are just perfect for mobile devices!

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