Calayan Medical Group: Helps You Bring Out Your Re...

Calayan Medical Group: Helps You Bring Out Your Real Beauty

A woman’s body and beauty is not just what you see from the outside but it is a reflection of her soul. As the saying goes “Real beauty comes from within”. Although beauty is highly subjective, I do believe that “real beauty comes from within” because it’s not what’s outside that counts the most, but inner beauty. With this in mind, the Calayan Medical Group wants to help Cebuanos bring out their inner beauty, that’s why they were inspired to put up a branch in the Queen City of the South.

How The Calayan Medical Group Began

The Calayan Medical Group is currently headed by the family matriarch, Dr. Josefina V. Calayan.

Dr. Josefina V. Calayan of Calayan Medical Group

It was almost one year ago when they first opened here but their passion to serve the Cebuanos are still as fervent as ever.

“I’ve raised my children and grandchildren with all my heart and soul, I’ve insipred them to love one another and help each other. I keep telling them that love begins at home and so as charity,” shared Dr. Josefina V. Calayan.

Calayan Medical Group was founded by Dr. Josefina V. Calayan and her late husband, Dr. Emeterio Calayan Jr.

The established the very first branch during the 1960s in Quezon to inspire their children to become doctors. Eventually, the opened a school the next decade, the Calayan Educational Foundation, which is still open up to this very day.

How Can Calayan Medical Group Help Bring Out Your Real Beauty?

For several years, the family’s expertise and eagerness to serve people inspired them to open aesthetic clinics with one mission in mind; to help make everyone feel good and look their very best!

In the midst of family issues and controversies, they still decided to expand in Cebu on June 8, 2015 and little did they know that they will fall in love with the warm Cebuano hospitality. They now call Cebu their home!

“Our passion to be of service is our only drive. Most of my children and grandchildren are now devotees of Sto. Nino,” enthused Dr. Josefina V. Calayan.

The Calayan Medical Group is currently handled by the Calayan family together with a team who are all experts in their fields.

  • certified aestheticians
  • highly trained doctors
  • board certified surgeons
  • Cebuano personnel and staff
Calayan Medical Group Cebu Opening

From left: Atty. Lelly Calayan (second from left), Dr. Armee Calayan, Dr. Bernardita Calayan-Brion, Dr. Josefina V. Calayan, Lalen Calayan, Dr Irene Gaile Calayan Robredo, Ms Selina Sevilla, Dr. Maybel Calayan together with the Calayan Medical Group team of board certified doctors during the opening

The Calayan Medical Group is open 7 days a week. They offer Aesthetic and Wellness services, laser treatments, dermatologic treatments, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, and a whole lot more!

Calayan Medical Group Contact Details

Join the online conversation by using the hashtags #‎CalayanFamily,‬ ‪#‎CalayanLovesCebu‬, and #‎CalayanMedicalGroup‬. 

I am actually very excited to try out their facial services. How about you? Which service from the Calayan Medical Group would you like to experience first?

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