Is Beauty and the Beast 2017 Really Worth Watching...

Is Beauty and the Beast 2017 Really Worth Watching?

Last night, the premier of Beauty and the Beast 2017 was featured in SM Seaside City. Since I am still busy being sunburnt in Puerto Princesa, I decided to invite I Am The Movie Junkie and Mohdified to review the movie in behalf of me.

So, how did they find the live adaptation of Disney’s well-loved animation? Here are their thoughts.

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review by I Am The Movie Junkie

To be honest, I am not a big fan of this film. Despite all the breathtaking trailers and dazzling promotional images, I was just not looking forward to this film the same way I was inflamed with enthusiasm to see Logan, King Kong, or even its box office competition in the country, Get Out.

And yet 130 minutes later, I walked out of the theater with a big smile on my face, all the while humming exultantly to Bonjour. I was 100% sold! If this is how Disney treats all of its future live-action remakes, then I am surely going to put down any second thoughts from now on.

Disney’s live-action rehash of the 1991 animated classic is, without a doubt, ambitious and resplendent in scale and wonder. From the enchanting musical numbers, impressive set pieces, and a delightful performance from its powerhouse of a cast, director Bill Condon has crafted a touching fairy tale that feels fresh even if there’s basically nothing new to its overall plot. And that’s acceptable – they went with the same tried-and-true narrative formula for 2015’s Cinderella and it turned out to be an equally satisfying reboot as well.

But that’s not to say the film doesn’t have it flaws. Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle is far from perfect – there are moments when her performance seems quite awkward and off-putting. But frankly, I can’t really think of anyone else more fitting or deserving for this role than she is. She exudes a certain warmth and resilience that blends perfectly into the character of the iconic Disney princess.

All in all, Beauty and the Beast is a charming addition to Disney’s growing number of live-action remakes that will please both diehard fans and casual onlookers. It’s a  straightforward and breathtaking visual spectacle, and one that’s created with utmost respect to its original source material.

Rating: 4/5

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Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review by Mohdified

‘Tale as old as time’ a line from the song Beauty and the Beast, is the most popular LSS song this month (March) and at the same time OST of the movie of the same title. After watching the full movie, I can say 3 things, i. Classic, ii. Graphically Stimulating  iii. Spectacular.

Though the original Disney (cartoon) movie was indeed classic, the new movie produced this year (2017) preserved the classic feel of the movie with a modern approach with the help of the modern technology in filming. I loved how they kept some of the characters almost similar. They just put them into life.

Graphically Stimulating
With the help of the modern technology, you could see how everything made possible. The film is filled with colors, graphics, and spontaneous transition that would really WOW your eyes.

This sum up how amazing the film is. The storyline, musicality, and effects are undeniably creative. The way they transition singing to dialogues are just on point. I never felt any dragging moment in the film. It is something that I always experienced watching a princess-themed movie, and Beauty and the Best is an exception. It is damn Wonderful!

Growing up as a kid, though I’m a guy, story of Beauty and the Beast is like the film that centers the story about the beast, and mostly guys can relate to him, on how can a man make a woman fall in love. At the end of the day, it is what you feel and not what you see.

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My Thoughts About Beauty and the Beast 2017

After reading I Am The Movie Junkie’s movie review, I think I have to watch the movie myself! I am very curious if  will be worth my time and money.

Are you excited to watch Beauty and the Beast 2017?

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  1. Rome Nicolas

    14 April

    I watched this film and it’s worth watching jud! 😀

  2. Wala pa ko kita sa original. Lol. I hope nindot ni siya!

    • Channel Marie
      Channel Marie

      15 April

      Never saw the original movie too. Hahaha! Richard saw the latest movie 4x so I guess it’s really worth watching.

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