8 Awesome Things About Avon’s 130 Million St...

8 Awesome Things About Avon’s 130 Million Steps Campaign in Cebu

8 Awesome Things About Avon's 130 Million Steps Campaign in Cebu

Last October 22, 2016, Cebuanos stepped out in support for Breast Cancer Awareness by joining Avon’s 130 Million Steps Campaign and these are some interesting facts you may or may not know about.

Avon’s 130 Million Steps Campaign Facts

  1. Avon, a global company specially catered to women, just celebrated its 130 year anniversary and initiated the 130 Million Steps Campaign to highlight their commitment for breast cancer awareness.
  2. Both Cebu and Davao joined the Avon’s Walk of Awareness. It was held in People’s Park in Davao on October 22 while the Cebu leg was held in Plaza Independencia on October 23.
  3. The Avon’s Walk of Awareness was led by Rocco Nacino, Jim Saret, and Toni Saret.
  4. According to Jim Saret, “The Walk of Awareness is our personal contribution to the cause. It is also our way of encouraging everyone to walk for a purpose for the whole month of October. This is a great opportunity for men and women to share their hopes with those who are affected by breast cancer.”
  5. For Toni Saret, “Health is always of utmost importance. Making every step count raises awareness on the fight against this deadly disease. Early detection remains to be the closest thing to a cure. In the meantime let’s help all cancer patients by joining the walk.”
  6. When you visit Avon’s website, you can check which of their products support the cause. You can purchase it using the app and donation will be sent to Philippine Cancer Society.
  7. Proceeds from this campaign will be used to maintain the PGH breast care center which caters to numerous indigent Filipinas, the monthly events of Avon-PGH Breast Care Center Support Group, and breast consultation activities of Avon Representatives.
  8. You can support the cause online by joining the conversation using the hashtag #130MillionSteps.


8 Awesome Things About Avon's 130 Million Steps Campaign in Cebu

My Thoughts About Avon’s 130 Million Steps Campaign

Personally, I appreciate the efforts that large companies do to support a specific cause or campaign. Kudos to Avon for supporting the breast care center for indigent Filipinas!

How about you? What do you think about Avon’s 130 Million Steps Campaign?

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