8 Reasons Why I Watch HOOQ On My iPad

Ever since I stopped watching TV on a regular basis, I’ve been watching a whole lot of movies.

I watch movies while I work and after I work.

I’ve got a few VCDs and DVDs in my room.

I would re-watch some of it but sometimes, I go to Youtube for stuff I haven’t seen yet.

I’m the “clarity and quality” type of person so pirated DVDs are definitely not for me, including videos on Youtube with poor video and audio quality.

So I’m thankful that a video streaming service was made available by Globe through HOOQ.

I’m already a user for a few months now and these are the reasons why I love to watch movies on HOOQ through my iPad.


1. HOOQ can help you search stuff to watch through “All TV.”

HOOQ Philippines on iPad

Oh yes!

If you’re a big fan of TV shows, you’re going to love it!

Plus, I get to watch reruns of FRIENDS too!


2. HOOQ can help you search stuff to watch through “All Movies.”

HOOQ Philippines on iPad

They have a wide range of movie selection.

There’s a movie for every member of the family.

They even have yoga videos too!

How cool is that?


3. HOOQ can help you search stuff to watch through “Discover.”

HOOQ Philippines on iPad

If you feel like browsing and surprising yourself, you can search for movies through the Discover tab.

Movies on this tab are grouped into:

  • New on HOOQ
  • Popular Hollywood
  • Popular Pinoy
  • All TV
  • All Movies
  • Hell Hath No Fury
  • Kicks and Thrills
  • Family and Kids
  • For Laughs
  • Nail Biters
  • Date Night
  • Award Winning
  • Foreign
  • Sizzlers
  • and etc.


4. HOOQ can help you search stuff to watch by using the “search bar.”

HOOQ Philippines on iPad

If you want to go direct to point, just use the search bar.

I typed “Gary Oldman” on the search bar and the screen showed me all the movies with Gary Oldman on it!

Oh yeah!

5. HOOQ can help you search stuff to watch by specifying what genre or language you want.

HOOQ Philippines on iPad HOOQ Philippines on iPad

If you want to search for movies by genre and language, you can!

Just check out the button at the upper right corner of the app.

6. HOOQ will let you edit app display language, subtitle language, and even the audio track!

HOOQ Philippines on iPad


The display language can be changed, as well as the subtitles, and audio track!

Just go to Settings and click Preferences.

And one more thing, you can also watch movies offline if you turn the “HOOQ Offline Mode” on!

7. HOOQ will let you download movies!

HOOQ Philippines on iPad

If you feel that video streaming isn’t enough, then download all you want!

8. HOOQ will let check all the movies you watched in “My Library.”

HOOQ Philippines on iPad

If you want to review all the movies you watched and downloaded, everything can be found in your “My Library” tab.

There you have it!

Those are the 8 reasons why I keep on watching movies with HOOQ.

By the way, I always watch HOOQ with my Capdase Beat Soho Bluetooth Speaker because the sound quality is awesome!

You can experience it for FREE during your first month.

So, when are you planning to try out HOOQ?


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