Day 1 and 2: My 21 Days Of Gladness

Since I was late in giving away stuff on my birth month, I decided to do it in August and decided to call it 21 Days Of Gladness.

I was only 12 years old when I wanted to become a 30-year old woman so badly!

And now that I am 30, I am so happy!

I’ve been waiting for this!

So, what’s in store for you on my 21 Days Of Gladness?

I’ll be sharing and giving away goodies that I love within 21 days!


I want to share my gladness, of course!


Let the 21 Days Of Gladness begin!

Day 1 and 2: My 21 Days Of Gladness

August 8, 2015 seemed like a good date to start (August is the 8 month, the number 8, and 2+0+1+5 is equal to 8) I gave away 2 tubs of red velvet crinkles to 2 of my mates in Cebu Blogging Community.

2 winners on 8/8/8!

To me, it sounded awesome!

Congratulations Keene and Jaz!

I hope you enjoyed munching it!

If you’re wondering where I got those yummy red velvet crinkles, I bought them from Treats Delight!

It’s not too sweet but super delicious!

Thank you Kath for introducing those wonderful delights to us!

You might be wondering what I’m planning to give for 3rd and 4th day of my 21 Days Of Gladness.

Just check out any of my social media accounts and my blog of course!

I hope you’re ready for my next surprise!

I have one clue for you: sweet!


  1. Again, thanks for the Red Velvet crinkles chan! So yummy.

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