10 Reasons Why Staying In Summit Ridge Tagaytay Is...

10 Reasons Why Staying In Summit Ridge Tagaytay Is Worth It

Don’t you just love staycations? It’s relaxing and a perfect way to reward oneself for a job well done.

For the past few months, the heat of the summer sun was a bit unbearable for me so going to Tagaytay City seemed like a plausible idea. We figured out that the awesome view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano will take our breath away, or even our cares, away! When we arrived there, our expectations became reality.

Cebu City is very far from Tagaytay City. Why should you even bother to go to Summit Ridge? Here are my reasons why.

1. Location. It has one of the best views of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano! It’s very near malls, restaurants, and various establishments.

2. Spacious Rooms. Oh yes! The rooms are spacious enough for me to walk around. There’s even space for a large cabinet, a sofa chair, a working table, 2 queen-sized beds, and a round table for dining.

3. Reasonable Rates. With the location and amenities you’ll get, every penny is worth it.

4. Fast WiFi Internet. I’m a digital nomad and I need internet connection almost 24/7. I am very particular with the internet speed and during my entire stay, their WiFi connection did not fail me. I love it!

5. Freebies. Yes! Each month, guests will receive special treats. We got the Magic Flakes butter coconut crackers and Pure ‘N Fresh feminine wash.

IMG_6688 IMG_6640

6. Spacious Comfort Room. I hate it when the shower room or the space near the toilet is very small. You just can’t move around well with that. Just like their rooms, the comfort room space is gracious enough for a 4’9″ cutie like me.

7. Toiletries. I just love it when the comfort room is already filled with shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, cotton balls, cotton buds, toothbrush, toothpaste, and etc. I wish every hotel is like that so I don’t have to pack toiletries in my travel bag.

IMG_6638 IMG_6645

8. Comfortable Bed. If I were to choose my favorite part of the room, excluding the view from the veranda, I would choose the bed. It’s so comfortable that I could sleep on it the whole day. It’s a great way to catch up on much needed sleep.

9. Sumptuous Food. Waking up in Summit Ridges is a gift because you’ll be greeted with a delicious breakfast buffet.

10. Chasing Clouds. One thing I don’t experience much for living in Cebu City is feeling the fog touch my skin. On the 7th floor, you can see, touch, and feel the fog every time it goes along the sky. I don’t know if you enjoy watching fog but I do, especially if it covers the Sky Ranch and other buildings in the city.

It certainly does feel like “everyday’s a weekend” when you’re there.

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Now that you already know why I loved my stay at Summit Ridge Tagaytay, are you ready to pay them a visit this year or next year?

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