10 Fascinating Photos Of Cebu On Instagram

10 Fascinating Photos Of Cebu On Instagram

Every day, millions of photos are being uploaded and shared across the social network. Anyone with a camera, DSLR or smartphone, can easily take a photo anytime and anywhere. It’s almost impossible to distinguish between an amateur and professional photographers. We now have various tools and mobile applications that can enhance a boring picture into an interesting photograph.

Instagram, perhaps, is one of the popular social media platforms for sharing photos. People share a lot from personal stuff, beautiful places, sumptuous food and almost any event in their lives. You don’t have to be a photography expert.

However, it is still a pleasure looking at photos that are well composed and tell a story. Here let me share and breakdown 10 photos of Cebu I stumbled on Instagram that, in my opinion, are brilliantly taken.

Enjoy These 10 Fascinating Photos Of Cebu on Instagram by Cebu Instagramers

10 Fascinating Photos Of Cebu On Instagram by Cebu Instagramers


The Bridge over the Holy Child

At first glance, this is just a photo of children under the bridge. But when you take a closer look, you will see the jampacked crowd looking over an array of motorized bancas. It’s the Fluvial Parade of the Holy Child Jesus during Sinulog Festival. I like the contrast between the bridge to the sky as well as the children to the waters.


Hanging Rice: The Making

Making poso with puso ❀

A post shared by John Lemuel Goden (@lemm.g) on

The poso or hanging rice is another icon of Cebu. What interests me is the hand of the maker. You can tell the years of experience by the looks of it. Hard work and expertise were put into the making of a poso.


The Social Gap

The photo expresses the reality of our social and economic gap. There are kids that are fortunate enough to get anything they want while others would have to do anything just to get by the daily grind of life.


The Waiting Game

Waiting… #Whpcandid

A post shared by Will (@willjr42) on

Common to most corners of the streets of Cebu are the people waiting for something. The photo showed different kinds of people waiting for something. Are they waiting for a jeep, a customer, a friend or just waiting for forever?


The Empty Stare

I like the symmetry of this photo because it leads the sight towards the center of the photo, which is an empty space. You might think that this man is thinking about something deep, just like the waters of the seas.


Walang Forever

Somehow these lovers are ruining my view of the horizon. This is just a simple photo, but the cropping makes the photo interesting. Walang forever guys! πŸ™‚


High Dynamic Range

Cebu has a lot of tourist spots and destinations. This photo is just one of those, but the use of High Dynamic Range makes this more appealing.


Worm’s Eye View

"Sometimes you have to take a look from above to reveal the best perspective."

A post shared by Vanz Llamas (@shervanz) on

Another example of creatively in capturing a photo is to explore on different angles of shooting. Here is an example of a worm’s eye view in contrast to the bird’s eye view, which gives a unique view of the environment.


Before and After

Urban Decay #VSCOcam

A post shared by Ryann (@ryannreyes) on

This is a powerful photo of the reality in our cities. Before beautiful skyscrapers and establishments have to be built, some communities have to be demolished.


Light Trails

Well, this is just a purely amazing shot of light trails in the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. It just shows us the fast-paced life in Cebu and the only way to catch up is to move forward.


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