10 Dishes in Parilya That Will Let You Savor The F...

10 Dishes in Parilya That Will Let You Savor The Flavors Of Cebu

If you hear the word Parilya, what do you remember? For me, it reminds me of brownouts and the “lamparilya” we would light up. Just recently, Chef Raki told us what it really means. It’s actually the grill we use every time we cook fish or seafood.

That was a light bulb moment! Now, I don’t have to roam the streets of Cebu with the wrong idea of what a Parilya really is.

Speaking of Parilya, did  you know that Parilya Restaurant already celebrated their first year anniversary and they are still one of the favorite seafood restaurants in Cebu? Oh well, I can’t blame the loyal customers.

You just have to see and taste any of these 10 dishes yourself to believe!

Must-Try Parilya Dishes


Baked Scallops

As an appetizer, baked scallops is the bomb, especially if it’s fresh. Topped with cheesy goodness and partnered with seaweeds as a side dish, you can never go wrong with this!



Pata Humba

Imagine a savory, sweet, and pork leg slow cooked until it become peel off the bone tender. Take a meaty part and put it in your plate full of rice. Add some sauce in every spoonful of bite then chew. It certainly reminds me of childhood days when we didn’t know what cholesterol is and all we cared was how delicious the food was! How about you?



Grilled Squid

I’m not a big fan of fried or stewed squid but if it is grilled to perfection with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger, then that’s something else! I love the fact that it is easy to chew. It ain’t funny to chew a gummy squid!



Lechon Parilya

Turn on the radio and play the song Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit as the lechon is roasted slowly in an open fire in the backyard. Fast forward for 3-4 hours then we’ve got ourselves a Cebuano specialty that has blown the minds of the people who have tasted it.

I love Lechon Parilya because it’s not salty, tastes light and the skin is super crunchy! I bet my mum and dad will still eat this even if they are on a low cholesterol diet now. Maybe they’ll take just a few bites.



Ginataang Kangkong

I like kang kong, whether it’s fried or adobo. I haven’t tried it cooked with coconut milk until recently and I really love it! The coconut milk makes the dish very creamy! I would enjoy this even if this is the only viand in my plate of rice.



Guso and Lato

This is a favorite among locals. After harvesting the seaweeds, we can eat it as it is or add some vinegar, onions, chili peppers, tomatoes, and ginger. Until now, I honestly do not know which is guso and which is lato. I just tell people that I prefer the one that looks like a grape (hahaha).




This is meaty goodness just as the Cebuanos like it. It is sweet and just a little bit spicy but 100% yummy! Chorizo de Cebu was one of my favorite viands as a kid and Parilya did a great job of making their own chorizo.



Pritong Lumpiang Gulay

I love lumpia, especially if it’s hot, crispy, and sumptuous! Not all carenderyas and restaurants serve yummy lumpiang gulay. In fact, the pongko-pongko just adds around 2 to 3 pieces of togue and call it lumpia! (hahaha) But this lumpia is very thick and filled with veggies! It has no meat (which most Filipinos prefer) but I didn’t mind at all! I am still craving for it though until now (huhuhu).



Parilya Shrimps

Who doesn’t love shrimps? Even the people allergic to it love to eat shrimps. Their version of this all-time favorite seafood is cooking it with chef’s secret seasoning. Do you have any idea about it? Give me a buzz if you already know the secret. (giggles)



Steamed Crabs

Don’t get me started with crabs! I’m a Cancer and I love to eat crabs. Is that considered cannibalism? (hahahaha)

Anyway, Parilya serves crabs just the way I like it; steamed with brine. That’s it! You don’t need complicated recipes to really enjoy it.

Crabs are the reason why I am still in the kitchen after 2 hours during a fiesta. If we are in a fiesta and you are wondering where I am, you know where to look for me. (hahahaha)

You can actually enjoy all of these dishes in a wonderful boodle fight just like the way we did it! Prepare yourself for the sumptuous goodness of the Parilya Habhab! Please call the restaurant to reserve.


Wanna see and know more Cebuano comfort food? Follow Parilya on social media and use the hashtags #ParilyaPH and #FlavorsOfCebu!

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Now that you have seen my suggestions, which of these dishes are your favorites and which are you interested to try for the very first time? Leave your comments below and let’s have a conversation about Parilya!

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